Adam’s Polishes | Ceramic Wax/Anniversary Copy

by Edy Guy

We at Adam’s Polishes are celebrating our 18th Anniversary AND… a powerful M.O. We believe: the future is now

Adam’s Polishes has just moved to a new location that’s bigger and better than our last to keep up with an enormous upscale in product production, our ever-growing creative team, and a brand-genius that knows no boundaries. We’re busy remodeling our space to match the vibrant culture we’ve created over the past 18 years. But like we said, it’s not just our space that’s new. For our 18th Anniversary we’re launching a product that’s unlike any other on the market: a ceramic paste wax. 

This special wax is made with cutting-edge technology, using an inorganic, synthetic paste. It’s a product that will blow your normal wax or sealant away. With our ceramic wax you’ll find an increase in detergency resistance, higher contact angle, and a temperature stability superior to the more natural, counterpart products. We are transforming the way you protect and polish your car. 

We know that taking care of your vehicle is important to our customers. By providing the highest quality products, not only are we changing the way your car appears on the road but how YOU feel driving it. We believe that by upscaling our facility, we’re able to optimize your experience. We’re excited for the upcoming months as new projects continue to roll out to give you, our devoted and beloved customers, the cutting-edge technology and flare to set you apart from other cars on the road. Products and results you’ve only dreamed of. Like we said, the future is now. Here’s to 18+ more years!