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The ultimate way to remove stubborn brake contamination and metallic grime from your wheels. Wheel Cleaner cleans effectively, and the color changing formula lets you know it's working, turning to a deep purple as it activates and does the hard work for you.

  • Less odor, increased viscosity
  • Activates iron and metallic contamination on contact
  • Safe on factory clear coated, factory powder coated, factory painted wheels and high-performance brakes
  • Dissolves Stubborn Metallic Contamination
  • Dark Teal, Cherry-Pineapple Fragrance
  • Made in the USA
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    The Best hands down

    This is hands down the best wheel cleaning I have ever used. I have cleaned wheels with it that look like they are matte black and when done the wheel was shiny clean. Did I have to rub a wheel brush on it yes a little. Wheels that are just a little dirty it’s spray on wash off. Adam’s product I’m my opinion are the best on the market. Keep up the good work Adam


    My wheels are no longer dirty

    Sprayed on my "matte" colored wheel and the iron just went off my wheels now my wheels look shiny again!


    Works wonders

    Used on a honda trx400ex i recently bought. Worked very well not only on the wheels, but the whole quad besides plastics and seat. Removed all the dirt and grime on the engine, wheels, frame, and swing arm.


    The Best

    Works great on my 392 scatpack. There isn't a wheel cleaner out there where you can just spray on and rinse off and it'll be perfect. I spray it on and with a bucket of water and the adams soft brush wipe all sprayed surfaces including the calipers. The smell is bad yes but I'll take it as long as the product works. As for faded lug nuts and calipers, any product will fade if you don't properly rinse and clean. This is by far the best wheel cleaner that I've ever used.


    Iron X repackaged

    Will eat the protective coating off brake calipers (label on the bottle says otherwise) Still requires agitation. Description on website does NOT match the actual label description on the bottle. Smells just like Iron X because thats what it is; just rebranded for marketing purposes. Do yourself a favor and just stick with the tried and true soapy water. Sprayer was junk

    Adam's Wheel Cleaner is the ultimate way to remove stubborn brake dust and metallic contamination from your wheels. This thicker, more viscous formula clings to wheel surfaces and allows the European-derived formula to melt away the stubborn brake dust commonly left behind by many of today's high-performance braking systems. 

    Best of all Adam's Wheel Cleaner is safe for most wheel finishes. Whether you have factory clear coated, aluminum, or painted wheels, the highly effective cleaning solution will remove stubborn brake dust but won't harm your wheels. With the surface cool to the touch, saturate the wheel with Adam's Barrel Brush and allow the color changing formula to activate.

    With active cleaning agents and advanced surfactants, this formula is perfect for cleaning away the worst, most baked-on brake dust commonly found in the barrel of your wheels. Simply spray on, allow the cleaner to activate, and then agitate using one of Adam's Turbo Sticks or Adam's Barrel Brush cleaning tools.

    Adam's Wheel Cleaner is great for more than just wheels too! Have a light-colored paint job like white or silver? Then you've no doubt noticed the little orange iron particles that stick to your paint. Adam's Wheel Cleaner can be sprayed on these little trouble areas and used to dissolve the iron from these surfaces as well. Make sure to rinse very thoroughly afterward, and do not allow the chemical to dry onto any surfaces.

    Note: Do not use on hot surfaces & do not allow to dry.

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