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Adam's Glass Cleaner 16oz

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New and improved formula that's easier to use and is safe on tint and navigation screens, and more! Streak free guaranteed!
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  • Safe for Tinted Windows
  • Streak Free Glass Cleaning with Pleasant Scent
  • Eco-Friendly, No Ammonia or Alcohol
  • Optical Clarifiers Keep Glass Clear for Improved Visibility
  • Made in 

Some would say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" but at Adam's Polishes, when we see an opportunity to improve a product, we take it! Our Glass Cleaner has been a favorite of enthusiasts and professionals for years, so finding a way to make a customer favorite even better was no small job. We are happy to say though, that our new and improved formula builds on the fantastic reputation of our previous generation Glass Cleaner.

Adam's New & Improved Formula Glass Cleaner takes advantage of new breakthroughs in polymer technology to create a cleaner that contains no harmful or harsh chemicals, cleans effortlessly even in unforgiving conditions, and features optical clarifiers that help improve clarity and visibility. The added bonus of a new UV-stable formula and scent mean the experience of using our Glass Cleaner will be just as great as the results it produces.

The New Forumla is still safe for factory and aftermarket tinted windows and works great on both the inside or outside of your glass. So use Adam's Glass Cleaner to remove those bug splats from the front glass, or fingerprints and haze from the inside - either way, the new and improved formula will leave your glass clean and streak free.

Plus it works great on navigation screens, flat screen televisions, smartphones, sunglasses, and all the glass around your home as well! Use with an Adam's Microfiber Glass Cleaning towel for effortless, streak free performance on shower doors, bathroom mirrors, and your home windows. The eco-friendly formula is safe around pets and kids, with no harmful additives that are bad for the environment or your family.

PRO TIP! All glass cleaners are sensitive to dirty towels. So, if you use a towel that has previously been used for polishing or waxing, remaining product residue is bound to leach out and smear your glass. Dedicated glass towels are your best bet, and make sure that saturated towels are replaced with fresh ones for maximum performance.

  • Safe for Tinted Windows
  • Streak Free Glass Cleaning with Pleasant Scent
  • Eco-Friendly, No Ammonia or Alcohol
  • Optical Clarifiers Keep Glass Clear for Improved Visibility
  • Made in 
Product Rating:
43 Review(s)
4.95 out of 5 stars
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The best glass cleaner on the entire planet, no joke. It works amazingly, never leaves a single streak. Make sure you use Adam's Glass Towel with it.
I am horrible at cleaning glass or at least, always have horrible results. No matter how hard I wipe, scrub or wash, I ALWAYS have streaks on the windows. Maybe... more
This is a nice update to the already nice glass cleaner. I noticed there were less streaks, even with a dirty towel. I like the color change as well, easier to ... more
Daniel on 3/29/2019
Best glass cleaner on the market. It truly is streak free.
Zac on 12/8/2018
The best glass cleaner on the entire planet, no joke. It works amazingly, never leaves a single streak. Make sure you use Adam's Glass Towel with it.
Brad on 2/23/2018
I really like this Glass Cleaner along with Adams Glass Cleaning microfiber towel. Works really good. I have never been able to clean windows without issues. Now they look great.
Bryant on 1/24/2018
Great glass cleaner with paired with Adam's Green Microfiber Glass Scrubbing Towel, leaves no streaks! Also, it's safe on tint which was mainly the reason that sold me.
Corey on 12/17/2017
Got this in a mystery bucket and was like cool. But when I used it and it was streak free I was like Where have you been my whole life? I use this with the Adam's glass microfiber towels and the results are amazing. And ammonia free. So its safe for tinted windows.
Dimce on 11/26/2017
I have always struggled to find a good window glass cleaner that doesn't streak here in Australia, spent numerous amounts of money on junk offered in our auto stores until I came across Adam's Polishes about a year ago. Adam's glass cleaner cleans very well with minimum product, doesn't streak and smells great match that with their green glass towel for a perfect combo. Highly recommended
Robert on 9/6/2017
This is the Best Window cleaner I've ever used, streak free, awesome smell, it should be called window polish..
It works amazing..and safe for my tinted windows.
Chase on 6/12/2017
could not be happier with my purchase of Adams Glass Cleaner. Very effective and leaves windows streak-less and looking as clean as can be. Pair with the glass cleaning towels and its a perfect match.
Vince on 5/23/2017
The best got better. Simplest review I may have ever submitted, but it couldn't be more true. Pleasant scent, easiest off/on, and by far – with the NEW green glass towels (i have 6!!!) ... its the best YET...
Gallon will be next! This is a classic reinvented to "BEYOND CLASSIC" status. THANK YOU.... thank you because I hate doing my glass! Not anymore!
Nick on 5/4/2017
I first tried this with the $20 sample kit. It smelled good and worked better. I was really surprised at its streak free finish and ease of use. I got the 16oz at the Carlisle Show. Just kept on loving it...and just purchased the Gallon! Use it all over the cars and in the house. Wipes up doggy licks on the front door extremely quick and easy as well!
Ryan on 10/1/2016
I am horrible at cleaning glass or at least, always have horrible results. No matter how hard I wipe, scrub or wash, I ALWAYS have streaks on the windows. Maybe user error, but I will say that this product makes me not 'suck' as bad! I wont say that it is perfect, but I can definitely tell that the product has better cleaning properties for automobiles compared to your regular household products.
JOSH on 9/15/2016
Awesome product! Made the mistake of cleaning a glass table in the house, now my wife wont give it back.
Brian on 9/12/2016
I was a long time(10+ years) user of Stoner Invisble Glass product. I decided to give Adams a try since I had discovered them and have been extremely impressed with their products. Their glass cleaner did not let me down. The spray settings make it easy to clean my windows after a wash without over spray. In combination with their glass cleaning towel this product is phenomenal!! I've been recommending all Adams Products to my car/detail enthusiast friends.
Kevin on 9/12/2016
This glass clenaer is amazing it actually gives 0 streak reasults its simply amazing and it smells great too! you dont have to use alot of window cleaner to clean windows because alittle goes along way! I highly recoomend you give this glass clenaer a shot !!!
Ryan M. on 9/12/2016
Got this in a mystery box and was not thrilled about it until I used it. I love this stuff. I even use it around the house!
Joey on 9/12/2016
The glass cleaner is the one product of Adam's that I am just not impressed enough with to justify the cost. I felt like it did what it says it does, but it's just not worth 3-4 times as much as other off-the-shelf products out there. For the cost alone, I gave it 3 stars...
David on 9/12/2016
Easy on. Easy off. 0 streaking. I am a fan.
Dan on 9/12/2016
This stuff works great. I use it all the time on my truck and Bronco, on top of farm equipment. Easy streak cleaning even on tractors that are stored over winter.
Adam on 9/12/2016
No streaks, easy to use, great on every type of glass. Pair this with their glass towel to help get amazing results!
Adriel on 9/12/2016
by far my favorite glass cleaner! Has a pleasant scent to it while having a strong cleaning ability to clean all my interior and exterior glass, along with nav screen. Use it at home too and gives streak free results!
James on 9/11/2016
I was a huge fan of the old formula and was a bit skeptical about the new formula, but not to worry it's fantastic as well! Goes on and comes off very easy with no streaks. My favorite glass cleaner on the market.
Sebastian on 9/11/2016
This is my first time trying Adams Polishes and I'm sold the glass cleaners has no streaks I was impressed, I love cleaning my windows now I need to buy a gallon of this stuff!
Ryan on 9/11/2016
One of my favorite scented products. When we run out of febreez i usually just start spraying this around the room to freshen it up. I have dreams of owning a mirror store where i spend my hours cleaning my product with this amazing glass cleaner. No longer do i worry about streaks. The finish is always world class
Jordan on 9/10/2016
There's nothing worst then cleaning glass, the first time I used this my jaw dropped. After showing an example to my coworker they went nuts and I cleaned all their windshields:) so thank god this product exist.
Wil on 9/10/2016
Best glass cleaner i've used. I'm super pick about cleaning the glass - I hate driving into the sun with streaks. Since using this I have no streaks. Even without a glass sealant water will bead up and fly off the glass after using this. Team this with the new green glass towels. Amazing stuff.
Bigraydogg1 on 6/5/2016
Jeremy on 5/17/2016
If you combine this product with the glass sealant, you won't need to use either very often. I constantly get bugs on my windshield. Since sealing my glass and using this (always streak free!) glass cleaner, I rarely catch bugs at all, and the few that do stick, come off very easily.
Robert on 4/1/2016
Best glass cleaner I ever used I use it hate doing Windows because I could never get it without streaking now. I am enjoying cleanig anything glass
Seth on 3/8/2016
Love the new version of glass cleaner! Smells great and leaves the glass streak free!
Lenore on 1/29/2016
Haven't tried the new glass formula, but was a fan of the prior one. Not only does it smell great, they are non-aerosol, and streak free. Loved it so much got a gallon and use it for my household windows/electronics too. When at shows always share it and people cannot believe how nice it and streak of course how pleasant the smell is to use. Also, have a friend that cannot stand the smell of the popular blue store product... so gave her some of the Adams and she was thrilled. Now to just finish using the older version to get this new and improved!
Avetis on 9/24/2015
Aaaaand like always.....the best
Ryan on 7/22/2015
Excellent stuff. I had been happy with the previous formula, but the new formula is a great improvement. Best glass cleaner on the market.
Michael on 7/22/2015
I thought the 'old' formula was the best Glass Cleaner I had used, but the new formula is even better! This version is just a easy to use and streaks less.
Jerry on 7/1/2015
I've used Adams products before and always found them to be of the best quality. When submitting a order a couple weeks ago, I also thought I'd try the glass cleaner. We've been using a aerosol foam spray, and have been pleased with the results, but have always wished they offered a spray rather than the aerosol. I washed my wife's Equinox and did the windows with the new glass cleaner and a micro fiber towel, ( I forgot that my order also included Adams window towels) After completing washing the car in the garage I backed it out into the sunlight. No matter how well your shop lighting is, artificial light is no match for mother nature. Just when you think you've really done a good job on the windows, natural sun light proves you wrong and you need to touch up or redo some spots, especially the windshield, as it gets the most abuse. I didn't see any smudges or streaks and thought the cleaner did a good job. We were headed out to dinner and when my wife got in the car her first words were "I can't believe how clean the windows are, it's like there nothing there" she even rolled down the passenger window and commented that I missed the top part of the window where it's nested in the recess. She had no idea that I changed window cleaners. So when natural sunlight, which I find to be the ultimate test, doesn't show any faults and then your wife comments on how clean the windows are, that's testament as to how good this product is. I'm not telling her about the new glass cleaner until she uses up the 6 cans of the aerosol. When Mother Nature and your wife give it a 5 star rating, that's good enough for me. Would I recommend this product, absolutely. Congratulations to Adams for a excellent product.
OMAR on 6/14/2015
This was my first time ordering and trying out any of the Adams product. Of course I was skeptical as I figured "most" glass cleaners are all the same. Was I wrong! Having tried several glass cleaners, in both aerosol and spray, from top manufacturers, this product blew me away. I thought that maybe my previous applications of other products was wrong. I questioned my towels(both regular MF and blue glass MF towels) and thought they were cross contaminated in the wash. Nope. I even tried during different times of days to see how much temp and humidity affected it. Both in shade and cool glass yet I always found myself unhappy with haze, streaks and/or very static glass after cleaning/polishing them. I tried this product the very first time with some new glass towels (16x16) I picked up with my order and WOW! Glass came out super clean, NO streaks, NO haze, and perfect. Followed simple "normal" instructions of spray, wipe, flip towel, buff and perfect! All previous attempts had been done outdoors as this one and there was NO comparison in the end result. Adam's won a customer for life with this product. Cant wait to try other ones!
DWIGHT on 6/10/2015
Stan on 6/5/2015
The new glass cleaner is a nice improvement from the already perfect original formula. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better or easier it did. You will enjoy this new formula!
Sam on 6/4/2015
This is a nice update to the already nice glass cleaner. I noticed there were less streaks, even with a dirty towel. I like the color change as well, easier to tell apart from similar colored products Adams sells. Smell is always pleasant from all Adams products so that's never a concern. It dissipated quicker off the glass, cleans more buildup than older formula. All around better, i will be ordering more.
Chris on 6/4/2015
Guys I didn't think that you could improve the Adam's Glass Cleaner.......BUT YOU DID!!
This new Glass Cleaner works great with no streaks at all it will make you look like a pro!
Thanks Team Adams!! 5 Star all day long!
Jason on 6/4/2015
I was one of the guys who did a pre-release test for the product, once I heard they were trying to improve the Glass Cleaner, I was skeptical. The current formula was already "The King" in my opinion so what could be improved? When I tested I was floored with the improvements, they basically took a phenomenal product and made it work even better. It flashes off quick so any residues don't leave streaks, wipes down with absolute ease. As is the case with the current Glass Cleaner, less is more, if you are using more than 2 sprays on a windshield or 1 spray for a window you are using too much. This formula works on HOT surfaces, in direct sunlight totally streak free! Get yourself a gallon, and keep a bottle in the house, because if your wife is like mine, she will always be asking for your "awesome glass cleaner"
John LaPorte on 5/29/2015
Got mine today, killer stuff!
Robert Handsen on 5/29/2015
Great Stuff! Got to try a prototype bottle and loved it.
Steve on 5/29/2015
Gave this stuff a shot at the warehouse while it was in production and WOW! Can't believe this stuff works better and I actually prefer the smell of this one.

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