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Adam's Leather Conditioner 16oz

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New Formula Provides Richer Color and Longer Lasting Protection! 

Conditions Leather, Vinyl, and Plastic Interior Surfaces

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  • New and Improved Formula! 
  • Conditions Leather, Vinyl, and Plastic Interior Surfaces
  • Fresh Fine Leather Scent 
  • Leaves a Satin Finish that is Never Greasy or Oily
  • Contains Premium UV Blockers for SPF 65 Protection
  • Made in 

New and Improved! Adam's Leather Conditioner was already a show-stopping product, but we made it better by formulating a product that penetrates the leather surface to bring out the color to its maximum potential! Leather on its own is an extremely unique and pristine surface -- keep it that way with Adam's Leather Conditioner. It's the premium interior treatment, but we didn't stop there! Adam's Leather Conditioner offers premium protection for your dash, door panels, and any other hard interior surface.

There’s nothing quite like a fine, leather interior. These days, it's almost impossible to tell where the real leather ends and the faux leather begins. That's because the modern luxury car interior is a combination of real leather, leatherette (vinyl), textured plastics, and plastic coated wood veneers. That means your leather conditioning product really needs to be a leather, vinyl, and plastic trim conditioning product. Adam's Leather Conditioner is formulated for exactly what the modern car interior needs.

Adam's Leather Conditioner properly conditions all leather, vinyl and textured plastic interior surfaces, leaving them soft and supple. The final look has a beautiful appearance that is satin, never slippery or shiny.  A hint of fresh leather aroma remains, pleasing to the senses but not overpowering. Premium UV blockers protect your leather upholstery and dashboard from the damaging effects of the sun.

Treat your car's interior with Adam's Leather Conditioner 3-4 times a season to keep it in premium condition for the life of your car.

PRO TIP! For the best results, clean your interior surfaces with Adam's Leather & Interior Cleaner before conditioning. 

  • New and Improved Formula! 
  • Conditions Leather, Vinyl, and Plastic Interior Surfaces
  • Fresh Fine Leather Scent 
  • Leaves a Satin Finish that is Never Greasy or Oily
  • Contains Premium UV Blockers for SPF 65 Protection
  • Made in 
Product Rating:
43 Review(s)
4.86 out of 5 stars
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This stuff is amazing, it goes on super easy with the supplied applicator pads and my entire interior looks awesome. I have a 2013 Ford Fusion 4 door midsize c... more
brings back a nice deep black color back to my Nappa leather seats! Also leaves the leather feeling very soft, smells great too! Not shiny/greasy like i have ex... more
5 star product easy. I love the look and protection. My wife loves the smell. It's a winner all around.
Hayley on 6/10/2019
This keeps my seats and even the plastic in my car looking super nice and shiny. It has also helped correct some spots in my used car, from a spot on my seat that the conditioner almost got rid of, white scratches on my black interior that it helped dull and spots that no matter how much you clean it just wouldn't go away. It was no match for this stuff and it has turned out to be a great investment! The only drawback I noticed was that if you're using it on plastic such as the radio or the doors it tends to wipe off easily.
Greg on 5/17/2019
Makes my leather seats, dash, leather panels on my doors look great, smell great, and is not greasy.
Everyone that gets in my car says the same thing "I love that leather smell".
They all think it’s my seats....It’s my seats, my dash, ITS ADAMS!
I have given a few ounces to sample to friends and they all end up ordering.
I can’t ask for anything more. More samples? :-)
So far I have not been disappointed with any Adams products I have tried.
Thanks for the great products!
Daniel on 3/29/2019
Adam's Leather Conditioner is extremely easy to use. I use it when I detail cars and on my leather furniture at home. It leaves an amazing grease less shine that lasts for weeks. It is also great on dashboards.
John on 8/28/2018
brings back a nice deep black color back to my Nappa leather seats! Also leaves the leather feeling very soft, smells great too! Not shiny/greasy like i have experienced with other leather conditioners. Will be back for more!
Tom on 4/26/2018
I gotta say....I love all of Adam's products that I've tried...but some REALLY standout as sensational....just recieved my Leather Conditioner this morning....went out and cleaned all my leather and started to apply the conditioner....the smell is absolutely fantastic and the performance is top notch ! I went a little crazy and started doing the door trim...then the dashboard...then pretty much everything in sight....this is my new go-to interior detailer....great smell and leaves a nice shine on everything (my personal preference) I was putting everything away I happened to notice my new stiff leather work shoes....yep you guessed great on them also...somebody stop me ...Im goin leather crazy
Bryant on 1/24/2018
Great leather conditioner! Keeps the leather in my '15 Jeep Grand Cherokee looking great, feeling soft & smooth, and smelling like new leather.
victor on 11/5/2017
The old leather conditioner was perfect! Decided to grab a bottle since I was down to half on my old bottle and I have to say that I hate the new smell. The new smell definitely does not smell like that of leather. I don't know how to describe the new smell. As for its intended function I have yet to try it out. Decided to write a review just in case anyone was wondering what the smell was like. Ill come back as soon as I try it out and write another review. This review is solely based on first impressions.
Richard on 11/2/2017
I liked the old formula and smell, but I like this better. Has a more true leather smell. I store one of my rides for the winter, so I do a hand application before storing every year. Put it on my bare hand and rub it in. Come spring, those seats are like showroom new. Great product.
Jack on 10/18/2017
An insanely good product. Used this to bring the interior of my Limited 4Runner back to life . Used it on the leather, great results. I then used it on the plastics and vinyl. The results were amazing! It brought dull, sun faded plastics back to life, and to it's original color. A must have Adams product, beats the hell out of the competition.
Steven on 9/6/2017
This review is for the old conditioner I received in a mystery bucket back in August. This product works great on leather and plastic as well. My only complaint is that the scent is very strong. Some product got on my hands during application and the scent would not come off of my hands after many times washing. After a while the scent became nauseating. I would recommend wearing gloves when using this product
Robert on 9/5/2017
Conditions Leather YES, Vinyl it doesn't stay on, wipes away, and Plastic Interior Surfaces, doesn't stay on, wipes away.
Smells great, works Excellent on Leather, and only Leather for me.. that's all I would use it for...I tried everything.
Dominic on 8/13/2017
This is the best leather conditioner I have ever used on the few vehicles I have owned with leather seats love this stuff.
Ben on 4/17/2017
5 star product easy. I love the look and protection. My wife loves the smell. It's a winner all around.
Erik on 4/8/2017
If you are in the market for a good leather conditioner, make sure you pick this one. This conditioner smells really good and it works amazing.
Ryan on 3/14/2017
Bottom smells like heaven in a bottle and works very well. I use it for not only our leather seats, but our dashboard and door panels to protect them from the harsh Arizona sun.
Adam on 2/17/2017
This stuff is amazing, it goes on super easy with the supplied applicator pads and my entire interior looks awesome. I have a 2013 Ford Fusion 4 door midsize car and with the help of my wife we wiped the entire interior down in about 10-15 minutes easy. Also, you get a LOT, you don't need to go light or sparingly with it. If you think it seems like it might be running a little low on the pad just put more on. We did my entire interior and used maybe 1/8 of the entire bottle, maybe not even that much and it looks awesome.

The only thing I was worried about while watching the videos is that it kind of looks 'wet' from the shine, but it's not. It adds shine and the wet look, but it's completely dry to the touch and doesn't wipe off onto your skin.

The other thing I was worried about when I got the product was the leather smell, but honestly it's just enough and not too much. It's not overpowering at all and non intrusive while you're in the car. Even my wife likes it and she's pretty vocal about when she doesn't like how a car smells.
Brandon on 9/12/2016
I have nothing but good to say about this product I love how it brings back the color of the leather, I love the shiny leaves, mostly I really love the smell leaves the truck smelling very good for a weeks
Jose on 9/12/2016
I have used the leather conditioner for a few years now on several cars and man does this stuff look good, it's not greasy at all and smells great. I've gotten a lot of compliments.
Hector on 9/12/2016
I had my detailer use this conditioner as well as the leather cleaner on my lincoln and it's amazing. Good clraning, my leather looks awesome and has a nice leather smell better than it did when new. They are a little slippery after applied but it's good leather care for your vehicle; nice products.
Greg on 9/12/2016
This stuff is excellent. The smell is outstanding, smells like brand new leather. Applies easily and is not greasy. Highly recommend.
Justin on 9/11/2016
If you own a leather interior you know how hard it is to keep it looking like brand new. With this though your interior will have that deep rich look, with an amazing smell to go with it. Super easy to apply with an applicator pad, and a little dab of this, and you will have that interior that everyone dreams of.
Tyler on 9/11/2016
Have to say I have always been a big Meguiars guy. After using Adam's Leather Conditioner I don't think any interior conditioner comes close to this product. 1st thing I noticed was the smell, it really makes your car smell like brand new all over with that nice leather scent. Girls were asking what kind of freshener I was using haha. 2nd it does exactly what the product description says, I only put it on twice a year and it last a long time! You can't go wrong with this stuff.
Demetrio rodriguez on 9/11/2016
These products is the best leaves your seats super nice looking after using .Good product for the right price .
Justin on 9/10/2016
Hands down the best interior conditioner I have ever used. No oily residue, goes on great with red foam applicator, doesn't attract dust, and leaves a beautiful finish. Works great on plastics and vinyl. It made my dusty farm truck interior looking better than new from the factory! Thanks Adams Polishes for another winning product.
Carlos on 9/10/2016
It's rare that I take some time to write a review on a product, but I really didn't expect this product to perform how it did, it blew me away, it made the leather feel soft and supple again, the plastics deep back but overall nothing to overwhelmingly shiny just a slight sheen, I am highly impressed by this product, I highly recommend to those whom have leather or just want to dress up you interior plastics and give the car a great leather smell. Carlos
Kenny S. on 9/10/2016
I love this product! It leaves a super nice finish on the seats. I neglected my leather longer than I should have and this product brought them back to life! Also it doesn't leave a nasty residue, it absorbs very nicely. Also, you can use it for other interior parts like, dash, steering wheel and center console. The smell is just fantastic!
Brandon on 9/9/2016
I used this on my '06 Impala SS with leather seats that have never been properly conditioned. After cleaning the seats with Adams Interior Cleaner, I applied the Leather Conditioner my hand and worked it into the leather. After leaving the car parked in the sunlight, the leather absorbed the conditioner. The seats feel like new and have that plush feel. I absolutely love this product and it may be one of my favorites. Adams have a lifelong customer!!!
Tim on 9/2/2016
First time using the Leather Conditioner. I own a new c7 Corvette and wanted to step up my interior products line up. Used this on the seats as well as the rest of the cockpit. Goes on so easy and fairly smooth. The corvette is very dry so after a few more applications it should go on even better. The applicator is one of the best I ever used, quite a combination that made it fun and easy to apply the conditioner. I think this is going to be one of my favorite Adam's products which says a lot as I love the Waterless Wash and Detail Spray which are bought by the gallons.
Jared on 8/14/2016
Great product! I just applied this to the leather seats in my 08 R32. I applied it to all my seats and then buffed them with a microfiber towel which left them with a really nice matte finish. My seats feel smooth, soft, and feel dry to the touch with no greasy feeling like you get with other leather conditioning products. This product was also really easy to apply. The smell was nice as well. I definitely plan on keeping this in my arsenal of products and applying monthly.
Kris on 8/6/2016
Bought this and the Interior Cleaner as a care kit for my 2 week old 2016 4Runner. This really does make the leather seats look richer, but not shiny. I wanted to take care of the leather seats and trims asap, that's why I went ahead and used this right away. Does everything it says it does and I love how it's SPF 65. I love the scent it leaves behind, as I was getting tired of the new car smell.
Rich on 6/21/2016
Another mystery box surprise, tried this after a couple seasons with Lexol. Used the Adam's interior cleaner which was really nice, no residue or smells. Then applied the leather conditioner to a red Adams sponge and started working the leather, it's first conditioning in about a year. The product soaked right in and left the leather with an even finish that smelled great. Warning, this will make leather a bit more slippery. Driving the next day with dress pants on and a medium brake application had me sliding forward in the seat causing me to brake harder than intended. Next time I'll try to buff the seats a little longer and see if that helps.
Mark on 5/17/2016
I ordered the leather conditioner a couple weeks ago and absolutely love it. I just purchased a 2013 Infiniti G37xS with 16k miles. It's a very clean car and I will keep it that way. I wiped down the interior with a quick detailer and applied Adam's Leather Conditioner to all the seats, dashboard, and the doors. This stuff does not leave a slimy, slippery shiny mess that other products leave behind. It gives it a tad bit more shine than normal. You can even go over it once more to give it more of a matte finish. The product also smells great too. It's a little strong at first, but after a couple hours, the car smells brand new. It's much better than anything you find at a big box store. I absolutely hate when products leave that slippery, oily feeling. NOT THE CASE WITH ADAM'S!
I'm excited to try some more of Adam's products.
Rich on 4/25/2016
Not only does it look good but smells great. Get the new car smell with your conditioning. Looks new and not greasy.
Jamey on 12/10/2015
Yet another Adams product I waited WAAAYYYY too long to try.! This stuff is seriously good. My interior looks amazing after using the Leather Conditioner. The formula is silky smooth to apply and takes drag out of the seats. I am hooked. Even though a little goes a long way, I have a feeling I will be blowing through this product pretty fast. It's just very easy to use and makes dressing the interior a pleasure. This product along with the interior cleaner are a knock out combo for leather seats and door panels.
AJ on 4/8/2015
Having tried 3-4 other competing leather care products (Griot’s, SONAX, Meg’s and Leather Master’s), I can safely say this is a solid option. Is it my favorite out of the bunch? Let me list some product attributes so you can decide for yourself.

Adam’s Leather/Interior Conditioner:
1. Consistency is not too liquid-y. Applies very, very easily and absorbs quickly into the leather.
2. Leaves leather VERY slick. (If you do not like slick feeling leather, you probably will not like this product.)
3. Smell is typical “leather” scent—think Griot’s Leather Care.

For optimal application, use a microfiber sponge to apply. Follow with interior cleaning cloth 30-45 seconds later to buff remaining residue.

NOTE: Use sparingly; add more product after you’ve done a single coating.

For me, I would give it a 4/5, indicating a great product that has a lot of positive benefits, but is not the “end-all-be-all” leather product.
Seth on 12/22/2014
Absolutely fantastic product, after using interior cleaner and applying this, the interior looks better than when it was new. Keeps that factory matte look but it just makes the interior looks so much cleaner looking.
KP on 12/8/2014
This product works great. The conditioner penetrates the leather and doesn't leave behind a supple feeling leather that doesn't feel greasy. Works best when applied with a foam applicator if you're looking to spread the product across a larger area. I would suggest pre-treating leather with Adams Leather and Interior Cleaner, also another great product. Removes denim stains from light-toned leather like a champ!
Rodolfo (IG) rodolfo_medinaa on 12/3/2014
Love the scent it leaves on the seat, makes the entire car smell like new leather. Great matte finish Not slippery Not oily but Dry to the touch with in seconds. Really the new leather look, feel, and smell. Overall true to what they claim in their videos about the product.
Xavier K. on 10/11/2014
I love this product! It leaves a nice supple feel to the leather without making it greasy or gross feeling. When applied I like to let the leather hydrate for 30 mins remove any excess and repeat. This stuff also leaves behind a very nice CLEAN scent. From a professional this is a must have product!
Jerome on 9/29/2014
A must have for anyone with leather. Brings the color back to old leather. Makes leather feel smooth and soft. I find it kind of leaves a "new car" smell too which is pleasant.
Obse5st on 9/22/2014
I love this stuff! Works great at cleaning and conditioning. The leather feels so supple after applying. And it smells like leather, too!
Chas on 9/21/2014
Great looking finish and not oily like so many other products!
Kris on 9/19/2014
Smells amazing! This stuff works great at keeping my seats and dash like new.

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