Adam's Weather Advisory Kit 1 review

Watch out for bad weather! With this kit, you'll be completely protected from top to bottom so you don't have to worry when the weather advisory announcement comes on! 

  • Everything you need to prepare your vehicle for winter!
  • Paint Sealant
  • Glass Sealant 
  • VRT
  • Undercarriage Spray
  • Single Soft & Glass Towels
  • Microfiber Applicators & VRT Blocks 


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    Adam’s Weather Advisory kit features 4 of our most effective protective items to prepare your vehicle for winter weather! Not only is this making your vehicle safer and more versatile for colder weather, but it’s also making your maintenance washes throughout winter a breeze. Included in the kit is our Paint Sealant, an easy-to-use synthetic paint sealer that is based on acrylic polymer technology. This soft, cream-like product will protect your paint, wheels, or other painted exterior surfaces for months! The UV blockers carefully maintain the gloss, shine, and reflective properties of your finish while deflecting like in different ways when left out in direct sunlight. This product can be applied by hand or machine, and should be applied before waxes or glazes to ensure a hearty bond with the clear coat surface. This is a color-coded system for use with our Grey Foam Wax/ Sealant pads or our microfiber applicator. During application, this product thinly spreads out across the surface and sets up within 3-5 minutes before removal. The unique blend of polish agents and acrylic polymer resins make it extremely easy to remove and leave behind a brilliant finish. This formulation provides a durable protective layer to any painted surface and is built to withstand the harshest seasons and elements.

    Adam’s Glass Sealant provides a crystal clear, protective coating over your glass surfaces to keep windshields cleaner longer. Not only does this reduce the stubborn bug buildup on the front, but it also makes your driving experience safer by providing crystal clear vision for months on end. Adam’s Glass Sealant is formulated using active silicone fluids and xylanes to provide a slick, uniform surface modification for your glass surfaces. By doing this, Adam’s Glass Sealant increases slickness and decreases surface tension on your exterior glass, ultimately allowing rain, water, and bugs to have a much more difficult time sticking to your window and exterior glass, and if they do, it’s much easier to clean them away!
    Adam’s Glass Sealant is an ultra-concentrated formula in 4oz pour top full of optical clarifiers to create a super slick surface on your exterior glass. By creating a non-stick hydrophobic surface it forces water to bead up and roll away, working so effectively that rain will simply blow off your glass at normal highway driving speeds without the use of your windshield wipers. Used in conjunction with our Adam's Glass Cleaner and Adam's Green Glass Towel your windows will stay cleaner for longer and look clearer than ever before.

    Adam’s VRT is a water-based cream formula that is designed for easy application and zero oily residues. This premium plastic, vinyl, rubber, and trim dressing rejuvenates your surfaces and gives them a rich, crisp, satin sheen that is better than new. Vinyl, rubber and trim components are the first symptom showers of aging, neglected vehicles. The sun’s UV rays bleach the color away from the components and give them a grey, faded and aged appearance desperate for a revitalizing, nourishing dressing. Adam’s VRT provides a satin, crisp shine to surfaces when properly applied— for users wanting a more glossy or wet look, we recommend our Tire Shine for that added sheen. This should be used on a washed, decontaminated, and dried surface before application to ensure proper application. Surfaces can be in full sunlight but should be cool to the touch before applying to avoid high or low spots in the finished product.

    Adam’s VRT is designed for use on a washed, decontaminated and fully dried surface that is cool to the touch. VRT is a simple, user-friendly dressing that gives tires, plastic bumpers, hood cowls, mirror caps, bed rails, or door seals a soft, supple feel and appearance without the worry of run-off, sling, or mess from a heavy silicone dressing. This easy-to-apply cream formula can be used on exterior plastic and trim, dashboards, door panels, and vinyl interior components.

    Adam’s Undercarriage Spray is designed for use on fender wells and wheel wells to leave behind a satin black finish, however, this product can be used on trim, tires, and any undercarriage component. After thorough cleaning and a majorly dry surface, this product dresses the surfaces and truly completes your details. This premium spray dressing helps to repels dust, dirt, and unwanted moisture from compiling in rust-prone areas.
    Adam’s Undercarriage Spray lays a thin layer of dressing on to the surface and is able to be layered if higher gloss is desired. If offroading your vehicle or you get into any unwanted mud, washing the heavy contamination away becomes equally easier as the dirt is struggling to stick! Adam’s Undercarriage Spray is perfect for completing your comprehensive detail and will set your work apart from the rest. This quick and easy, sprayable solution makes restoring the deep, rich shine back to your undercarriage a breeze.

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