Adam's Blizzard Warning Kit
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Do you get snowstorms or other extreme weather in your area? We have got you covered with our Blizzard Warning Kit. This kit includes our most durable and easy to use products that we believe will get you through winter! 

  • Everything you need to maximize your protection for winter!
  • Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Tire Armor
  • VRT Blocks
  • Borderless Grey Towels
  • Microfiber Applicators
  • Fine Clay Bar Kit

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Adam’s Blizzard Warning Kit features 3 of our most durable protective items to prepare your vehicle for winter weather! Not only is this making your vehicle safer and more versatile for colder weather, but it’s also making your maintenance washes throughout winter a breeze. Included in the kit is our sprayable graphene ceramic coating that can be used to coat any exterior surface with ease. Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating is a true ceramic coating that has been re-engineered to be sprayed out of a bottle and wiped onto all surfaces. The unique chemistry allows you to use this as a standalone coating or top your current coating with it to add extra mirror-like shine and restore 100% of the hydrophobic properties back to the coating. The same steps are recommended for this process if you’re wanting to lock down the ultimate shine and this kit is a simple starter to properly prepare your paint for it.

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