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This one is for you! We want to say thank you for being a part of our community and supporting us throughout the years. We wouldn't be here without YOU. We're including a FREE gift with every Anniversary Detail Spray as a way for us to give back to those who have supported us and continue to support us. From everyone here at Adam's Polishes, Thank you.

Adam’s 20th Anniversary Detail Spray is an alternative version of our flagship detailer with a fruity sweet scent and improved formulation! Anniversary Detail Spray provides long-lasting shine, slickness, and hydrophobic performance that's an improvement over our classic Detail Spray. Test this product out and let us know your feedback! 
  • Clear & Translucent Black Formula
  • Available While Supplies Last
  • 16oz Bottle Size
  • Limit 4 Per Person
  • Easy to Use – Spray On/Wipe-Off
  • Utilizes Durable Wax Additive Technologies
  • Provides Lasting Shine & Slickness
  • Suitable for All Surfaces

What makes Adam’s Anniversary Detail Spray unique is the heavy molecular weight silicone wax and carnauba wax additives that have been loaded into the formulation. These additives are built to be self-emulsified in a way that allows the product to remain clear while offering unmatched shine and slickness. These additives won’t leave a greasy film, boosts drying efficiency, and offers protection that will generate dazzling hydrophobicity and reduced damage due to acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, and other soil build-ups.

We’re curious to hear what you think about this newest formulation!
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    mark f.

    Happy 20th Adams

    Thanks for passing of the generous two for one. I know that we were supposed to pass one onto another friend but, I chose to keep them both. Love the new formula and a have a black car and am not botherd by it. Would recommend it to anyone.



    Upon receiving the new and improved Detail Spray, I got to say the bottle looks amazing, but that's where it stops. Spraying onto the paintwork it comes out a little thick, kind of like the Spray Wax and its black in color so it looks like a mess on the paint. On the first initial wipe I knew it was gonna be a hassle. You have to spread it out a dea passes and takes multiple passes to get it off and not to streak. My car is ceramic coated with Adam's Spray Ceramic Coating with Ceramic Boost on top of that, nothing sticks to the surface, not water, soap, dirt, nothing, except for this stuff. It's not the most impossible thing to get off, but geeze, compared to the OG Pink Detail Spray, this stuff is not cool. Adam's says this is their new formula, hopefully they stick to the old formula since its superb to this new stuff. Kind of sad that I now have 8 bottles of the 20th Anniversary Spray, guess I'll be giving it away friends instead. Now to try out the St. Patrick's Day Spray and the new Frost Spray, hope their better. Like they always say, if something works, dont change it. Keep the Old Formula Detail Spray.


    20th DS

    I really liked how the 20th Anniversary DS worked as a drying aid. The hydrophobic nature was immediately noticeable. And it left the surface with a really nice wet looking finish. The formula comes out thicker than the classic DS. The scent was pretty nice too. But I still love the strawberry scent of the OG version. One thing I would also say is it did not wipe down as slick or as easy as the pink DS. I’m not sure if the plush towel I was using was a little grabby, but It seemed this version takes more passes to flash. I would venture to say this version has more protection. I would not trade it for the current version. This one seems more like a spray wax to me.

    Richard W.

    Very interesting... some pros, some cons

    This review is mostly in comparison to Adam’s standard pink detail spray, which I love quite a lot. Up first is the elephant in the room... the color. It’s really weird spraying a black liquid onto yellow paint, like in my case. The color also stains clay bars black. I think it’s neat for a special edition like this but I doubt it will create much appeal as a mass-market product. Second, the smell. It doesn’t smell bad at all, but I find myself missing the classic sweetness of normal detail spray. This one is much lighter, more fruity. As far as performance, it’s a bit of a mixed review. For a quick spray down of a car before a show, it’s positively superb. Lots more shine than the normal version. Not quite CS3 levels of shine, but close. Doesn’t wipe off quite as easily as normal detail spray, but that’s because I can tell there are waxes in there now. This feels like a cross between normal detail spray and spray wax. I like it for this purpose. Now for the only thing I definitely don’t like about this version: use with clay. This version is clearly inferior for use with clay. It isn’t nearly as slick, and likes to dry with the clay too quickly. It also, again, stains clay bars black, as well as your hands a little! However, I don’t think washing the color out of towels will be an issue, since that would be an uncharacteristically massive oversight. TL; DR stick with normal detail spray for clay, but use this for wipe-downs when you want more shine.

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