Adam's Soap & Rinse 2 Bucket Combo
$64.00 $51.00

The 2-Bucket Wash Process is essential to maintaining a swirl-free finish and preventing damage to your delicate clear coat. Having the right tools for the wash is of paramount importance.

  • Includes Grit Guard Inserts & Water Tight Gamma Seal Lids
  • The Perfect Solution for a Proper 2-Bucket Wash
  • 5 Gallon Bucket Capacity
  • A Must Have For Any Detailer's Arsenal


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Customer Reviews

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The goal of any good car wash system is to clean without introducing damage to the painted surfaces of your vehicle and the key to achieving that is a proper 2-bucket wash. For years Adam's customers have enjoyed the benefits of our premium quality soaps, wash pads, towels, and grit guard car wash buckets.

Each bucket includes the handy gamma seal lid which allows you to transport liquids without spilling or store your car wash supplies in a secure way. Plus, as any good 2-bucket wash should, each bucket includes a grit guard bucket insert to keep the dirt off of your wash pads and at the bottom of the bucket where it belongs.

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