Adam's Polish 12oz 11 reviews
Remove swirls, fine scratches and mild oxidation with ease. 2000-2500 Grit Sanding Marks
  • Removes 2000-2500 Sanding Marks
  • Thin liquid formula creates no dry spots on your polishing pad
  • Cuts swirls and oxidation fast
  • Designed for use with our White Foam Polishing Pads
  • Silicone-Free, body shop safe
  • Low-dust formula
  • 12oz Bottle
  • Peach Fragrance
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      United States
      I recommend this product

      Got a great shine

      Works good doesn't dry up . Pad got greasy but I prefer that over the dryness. And it smells great is a plus

      Wm. Blank
      United States United States
      I recommend this product

      Great Stuff

      This polish is great.

      Aaron H.

      Excellent product

      I have used this polish on many customers vehicles as well as my own. Out of all the polishes that Adams sells, this is my favorite to use. One bottle could last for a a dozen cars, due to it's long run time and thin, spreadable solution. It spreads evenly and 4 pea drops can last for multiple panels if used correctly. It comes off with a mf cloth as easy as any product I've used. It leaves behind a deep shiny finish and works well to correct micro marring effects left behind, after the use of heavy compound, or the one step polish on softer clear coats. It won't take out the deeper scratches, as it's not designed to, but it will take out most light swirl marks, scratches and oxidation.

      Michael E.

      GREAT Product!!

      Disclaimer: I think everyone is entitled to, and should, write about their experiences with a product. Part 1 of my review is responding to Matt C's review. Adam’s color/product match-up works perfect for their [stated] intended use. That said, as an owner of a body & powder coat shop, my guys & I know just how fine these scratches are, and what type of pad to use. It’s easy to interpret deeper scratches (as high as 1000-1500 grit) as minor. If one, 2-3 complete cross-hatch pattern (CHP) doesn’t do the job, do a 2nd (1 CHP) pass; if that doesn’t do it, the scratches weren’t 2000-2500 grit. Scratches approximately 900 grit and up, we use One Step w/One Step Pad; just be mindful of the cutting power this pad has. When working on previously owned vehicles, it’s impossible to know how many applications have taken place. Before we touch cars, we haven’t painted & maintained, we use a Mil Thickness gauge, take several readings on each panel, then compare against factory specs. You can pick up a quality gauge below $100; any reputable body shop will tell you factory Mil specs for your car. If the care has been repainted, it’s a crapshoot. Also, if the car has been exposed to road salt, that will affect clear coat thickness as well. Any time a machine is being used, experience and knowledge are paramount! Part 2: As stated above, used properly w/proper pad, works as Adam’s describes!! I posted a similar response for the compound as well.

      Matt C.

      Does Nothing

      Attempted a 2 step polish on my F-150 paint last weekend. I tested this polish on my hood (side by side with the blue Adam's compound) to see if 2 step correction was actually needed. I have minor surface defects (clear coat scratches) and light swirl marks all over my paint, and none of them were removed with this polish. I followed the directions on the bottle, used the corresponding white polishing pad, and the polish failed to do anything to correct my paint. It also creates a fair amount of dust, despite what the label says. There was even dusting from the compound after spraying the pad with Chemical Guys pad lubrication spray. This product was so ineffective at removing defects in the test location that I didn't even bother attempting to use it to remove any defects and went straight to the Adam's compound (see my review there, also a bad review). I'm completely disappointed with this product and will look to another brand next time.

       Adam’s White Polish is a user-friendly, effective tool for removing mild staining, swirl marks, buffer halos, and mild imperfections from your clear coat. This silicone-free, body shop safe formula gets to work fast on the surface and allows for a long working time, fast cutting response, and a brilliant finish when complete. Adam’s White Polish is a revised formula designed to be thinner and more effective for your polishing step in paint correction. This correcting polish is designed to save you time and money during your polishing steps. This body-shop safe, user-friendly formula allows you to both prime your pad and reapply polish as you correct your vehicle, being it’s a thinner formula. This product can be utilized with a Push/Pull top, or with our Premium Red Sprayer for preferred users. Adam’s White Polish is an effective tool for removing mild-stains, light swirl marks, buffer halos, and light imperfections from your clear coat, single stage, or lacquer finishes. 

      By using a thinner product on the pad, you’re both priming the pad before polishing and using a minuscule amount, instead of overusing product on your pads.
      Users looking to fully perfect their paint are one step away from perfection with our polishing system, and Adam’s Polish makes any polishing task a breeze of ease.
      Adam’s White Polish is formulated with the user in mind. This Diminishing Abrasive Technology (DAT) allows users to start with a small amount of product and continue to have a finer, more precise polishing experience with each rotation of the polisher. This product is recommended for maximum results with our Swirl Killer Polishing system and should be used with a White Foam Polishing Pad, or Red Foam Pad if working on a fragile clear coat with a darker color. Adam’s White Polish is designed to remove 2000-2500 grit sanding marks and must be applied after your vehicle is washed, decontaminated, and clayed for a hassle-free experience.

      Please note: When polishing a surface, you are heating up the clear coat to remove the swirl mark away from your paint and perfect your finish. As you polish, the process with take a very minute amount of clear coat away ( 1/32nd of an index card) from your surface. Repeated use, or improper use, can lead to paint imperfections that will require professional assistance.
      The water-based formulation features a Diminishing Abrasive Technology blend of aluminae oxides and polishing agents to cut swirls fast and effectively, while leaving a brilliant finish behind. When using a conventional compound or polish, you’re applying 4 pea-sized drops to the pad surface then spraying Detail Spray onto the surface to both wet the pad and allow the product to travel out to the outer edge of the pad to completely cover the surface. With Adam’s White Polish, you’re removing the worry of caking up your pads, clogging up fibers of your foam polishing pads, and keeping your polish working more effectively for longer!
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