Adam's 5 Gallon Detailing Bucket 11 reviews
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Everyone needs at least 3 buckets in their detailing arsenal. One for washing, rinsing, & wheels! Choose your options to ensure your bucket meets all of your detailing needs.
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  • Each Option Comes With Adam's Logo
  • Bucket Holds 5 Gallons Of Water


  1. Bucket w/ Logo
  2. Bucket w/ Grit Guard
  3. Bucket w/ Grit Guard & Gamma Seal Lid
  4. Bucket W/ Grit Guard & Snap On Seat Lid


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    Quality wash bucket

    Overall experience very good. No sharp edges and very well made.



    Some might say that a bucket is a bucket but not me! This completes the collection/set! It’s not some bright orange or blue colored one from a hardware store. It’s not an old paint bucket. It’s a bucket that I will only use for washing my truck



    When it comes down to it, a bucket is a bucket. I purchased the bucket as well as a grit guard as a different color compared to what I originally owned. I have been using large box store brand buckets mainly because they are so cheap, but high quality. The bucket purchased from Adam's was going to be my rinse only bucket, mainly since it was white/clear in color. At the same time of my purchase, I included the grit guard. All of my buckets have grit guards and this would be no exception. The first time using the bucket, I noticed one issue. The Grit guard would continually spin at the bottom of the bucket. Barely any water movement would spin the grit guard. I sent a message to customer service as well as a video showing my results. I used a different grit guard that was not included in the bucket and I experienced the same issue for comparison purposes. The response by Adam's staff was very quick (as it normally is). I was told, the buckets have slight tolerances and , "The quick solution I use to solve this problem with some buckets is to take a thin zip-tie and zip it around the outer-edge of one piece of grate on the Grit Guard, cutting off the excess. This will usually add 1-2mm of diameter to the Grit Guard and cause it to stop spinning inside of the bucket. If it still spins, I will take a second zip-tie and attach it 180 degrees across from the first zip-tie. This should allow the Grit Guard to fit nice and snug, and it will not cause any issues with your wash pad/wash mitt/etc". Over the past week, I added two zip ties as mentioned above and waited until the weekend to try out the product. Well, 7 zip ties later, I am still experiencing the grit guard spinning. it is nowhere near as bad as originally experienced, but I still have the grit guard spinning. Looking down into the bucket, you can see the zip ties adding pressure to the sidewalls, but it also is pushing in the grit guard itself. Seems that the bucket is too smooth on the walls of the bucket and the grit guard does not have any bite. The only way I have solved the spinning (and still it is not 100% perfect), was adding a grit guard washboard that I had used from a different bucket. The grit guard and washboard will still spin, but having the grit guard washboard added, it takes some of the pressure away from the bottom of the original grit guard. I am not having to use both hands/arms to hold the grit guard and wash pad. Very unhappy with what has happened on these products. I like the fact that the bucket is white/clear, but at the end of the day, my $3-4 buckets with a grit guard are outperforming the Adam's bucket by a long shot. I never mentioned it in the email to Adam's staff, but the application of the Adam's sticker is terrible. I have bubbles all over the sticker and it seems like these are added as a quick afterthought. If you are OCD as I am, then you might have an issue. I removed the sticker because the application was so poor.



    What sold me on this bucket was the gamma seal lid and plus it has the awesome "A" logo on it so people know you mean business! I live in Alaska so the last time that I can detail is around the fall season, it starts to get cold out but I can still get a few more washes in before winter hits. Having the gamma seal lid is a must! I'm able to keep the water in the buckets warm for longer periods of time with the lids on that way I don't freeze my hands off. These buckets are super rigid, and the grit guards are definitely a nicer plastic than others I have used.



    Great quality buckets and a must have 2 of. Also great for storing different 16oz products with nozzles. This and detail spray should be among your first Adams order.

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