Adam's Metal Polish 8oz Combo
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The best duo you can count on to polish your aluminum, chrome and stainless! After cleaning metal with Metal Polish 1 & 2, use Adam's Metal Ceramic Coating Wipes for long-lasting shine and protection.
  • Polish Aluminum, Chrome, Stainless & Other Uncoated Metals
  • Restores Neglected Metals and Brings Out a Brilliant Shine
  • Removes Oxidation & Adds Clarity
  • 2-Step System For Best Results
  • VOC Compliant for ALL 50 States
  • Made In The USA

Adam's Metal Polish #1 is the first step to bringing back your dull looking aluminum, chrome, or stainless trim! Just a few moments with our Adam's Metal Polish #1 will restore them to a like-new luster. Follow up with our Metal Polish #2 to see the surface shine like new!

Polished aluminum wheels and trim can be a real chore to maintain. They're truly beautiful accents on any vehicle, but the fact of the matter is sometimes you just can't seem to get the shine you'd want. Most metal polishes sold over the counter today are watered down and unable to really give you the results you want.

Adam's Metal Polish #1 isn't some watered down weak polish, this stuff is powerful and has the power to really bring out the gloss and that luster that only comes from truly polished metal.

Adam's Metal Polish #1 is also highly effective on chrome, brass, nickel, stainless and any other types of raw, uncoated metal. Simply put a few drops onto a soft applicator and rub until you see the shine coming through. Wipe away the residue and be amazed!

Follow up with our Metal Polish #2 to unlock a whole new level of shine. True mirror like gloss on polished aluminum is somewhat of dream with most metal polishes, but our amazing 2 step process and proprietary formula will show you results you never thought possible.

Pro Tip! Many factory wheels finishes are called "polished" by the manufacturers, but in reality are clear coated. To determine what kind of finish you have on your wheels take small amount of metal polish #1 on a clean applicator and gently rub on an inconspicuous area. If you get a black residue you're wheels are raw aluminum and can be effectively treated with our system. If you don't then the wheels are clear coated and should be polished using our Revive Polish for paint.

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