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Protect your paint for months in just a matter of minutes. Easy application and built to last through the toughest elements.
  • Durable, Thermo-Resin Technology
  • Machine or Hand application
  • Increases shine, hydrophobic properties, and UV resistance
  • Grey Color, Coconut-Pound Cake Scent
  • Made in the USA 

Adam’s Paint Sealant is an easy-to-use synthetic paint sealer that is based on thermo-resin technology. This soft, cream-like product will protect your paint, wheels, or other painted exterior surfaces for 6-9 months! The UV blockers carefully maintain the gloss, shine, and reflective properties of your finish. This product can be applied by hand or machine, and should be applied before waxes or glazes to ensure a hearty bond with the clear coat surface.

Adam’s Paint Sealant is a versatile, yet functional paint sealer that is designed for both machine and hand application. During application, this product thinly spreads out across the surface and sets up within 3-5 minutes before removal. The unique blend of polish agents and thermo-active resins make it extremely easy to remove and leave behind a brilliant finish. This formulation provides a durable protective layer to any painted surface and is built to withstand the harshest seasons and elements.

Once applied after a thorough wash and clay bar application, this formula is easily applied and can further be maintained with our H2O Guard & Gloss, color-coded for ease of use. By maintaining your Paint Sealant with H2O Guard & Gloss, the longevity is drastically increased and looks as though you’ve applied a fresh layer each time! Be sure Paint Sealant is applied beforehand for optimal results.

Adam’s Paint Sealant received a serious formulary advancement and features increased longevity, durability, and an incredibly slick finish. The technology inside the 8oz bottle is commonly found in architectural settings and other industrial areas, but catered specifically for automotive applications.

Adam’s Paint Sealant is safe on clear coated finishes, single stage paints, glass, headlights & wheels! Use this product by hand, or by machine utilizing our Wax/Sealant pad on the slowest speed setting. Adam’s Paint Sealant is not safe on plastic, trim, or rubber surfaces as the Montan Wax may have a tendency to turn surfaces white.

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    Cody L.

    Wow!! Impressive results

    Man, I’m impressed! It took me all day and 9 hours to complete my detail, but applying the sealant was probably the easiest part of it all. And now the results are what show the most. The water beads up absolutely wildly. The car looks mirror finished and has been raining every day since I sealed it. The wheels look good sealed, too. Applying was very easy with a microfiber applicator. When the temps dropped into the 30’s and it was now night time when I was finishing up, that made it a little tough to get it to buff off but you know what- I’d rather know it was applied and have it be tough to get off slightly. The first part of it buffed off like butter but maybe with more on the applicator and with temps dropping the layers got thicker. Who knows but I’m happy. I’ll be reapplying any time I need to because some things can remove it as far as I read. The scent is pretty nice as well. If you don’t wanna ceramic coat yet, definitely seal your paint it’s 100% worth it.


    I use in tandem with a carnauba wax

    I was taught that paint sealants were to be used in conjunction with wax to get protection and gloss. A sealant by its lonesome won't have the same punch in the appearance department. The combination of a sealant's muntan wax with that of a carnauba wax is a more potent barrier against UV. My Victory Red 2013 Camaro looked super sharp with the sealant + wax combo. My dad's Stingray (blade silver) didn't really "pop" as much afterward, but it might have been a color thing. I have never stopped with applying a sealant only. I always waxed afterward. As for buffing the sealant out, I do remember it taking longer, but not what some of these other users are reporting. I used some pretty specific pads and mf towels to remove. I also THOROUGHLY shake the bottle ever time before applying to a section of a car. Maybe that comes into play. Took a star off due to price and the silly scent.


    Cannot recommend..

    I have tried giving this a go for 2 vehicles. Attempted to apply in different weather, sun then shade and always get the same results...streaking. Its difficult to take off, sort of like trying to wipe away oil on a smooth surface. I will not use it again...too bad I had nearly an entire bottle remaining. I have other Adams products and love them all...the Buttery Wax and Seal and Glaze are easy and give a great shine.



    I decided to switch to this coating from a wax for better protection and less frequent maintenance. I wasn’t expecting a super glossy or glowing finish. But I sure got one. This stuff worked great on a pearl white Camry. If it protects as good as it looks, then I’m all in. Prep was a wash and clay bar. Finished with a wipe down using the graphine detail spray.

    Jacob W.

    Needs a version 2

    It works...kinda. Not easy to get off, doesn’t add much depth, and for the money there’s much better products out there. If you do use it maybe try using detail spray as a lubricant when buffing it off because it does require some elbow grease to remove. I recommend H20 GG or ceramic boost as alternatives.

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