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New Update: Faster Activation, Lower Odor, More Powerful Cleaning, Safer on Surfaces, and Bleeds Red due to new technology.
Remove stubborn contamination, iron deposits, and metallic fallout with ease.
  • Improved Formula Activates FAST On Contact
  • pH Neutral, Low-Odor Formula
  • Safe On Clear Coat & Single Stage Paint
  • Ready-To-Use Formula, No Diluting Necessary
  • Designed For A Safe Break down Of Ferrous Contamination & Metallic Fallout
  • Dissolves Iron Particles Embedded Into Paint Surfaces, Changes Color To Red As It Works
  • Made In The USA

Adam’s Iron Remover is a special product that has the chemical ability to help remove Iron(III)oxide particles from your vehicle’s paintwork without the need to do so mechanically. When Adam’s Iron Remover hits your paint, it loosens up these particles and allows you to easily and safely rinse them off.

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James J.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Worked great!!!

Decided to try this out and see if it worked , I was skeptical at firsy but, now I'm sold ! Worked perfectly and did exactly what I wanted, scrubbed it in with 0000 steel wool and med my chrome look new again. I have thoroughly been satisfied with every Adam's product I have purchased so far and will continue to buy again... especially when I get discount codes from Adam's.

Jonathan D.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Works Well

Used as part of the decon process prior to adding protection, worked well and smells better than other products on the market.

Steven B.
United States United States
I recommend this product

White car turned purple

I bought a 2 yr white GTI and was preparing to get it warped in PPF and add Adam's polish ceramic coating. So I used strip wash and Iron removal followed by using the clay mitt to smooth everything out. The Iron remover worked great and basically turned the hole car purple you could definitely tell it was working.

United States United States
I recommend this product

Absolutely good

I will compare it to Black Fire gel iron remover and that is very good but it stinks like it's burning my nose hairs actually my favorite until I tried Adams Iron remover smells better , it's not bad at all , it smells more like Orange peel's and the dwell time it gives is very good.y tip is to use this early in the morning out of direct sunlight . I have a new car with polar white paint , hope this helps.

Holden A.
United States United States

Finally an iron remover that doesn't smell like rotten eggs

Adam's Iron Remover is probably the first iron remover I have used that doesn't smell strongly of rotten eggs. You can still smell the active ingredient but it's barely noticeable. It's just as powerful as IronX which is what I was using before making the switch. Even IronX's "low scent" formula still smells bad. Adam's Iron Remover performs the same, smells better, and costs less. I'm not looking back.

Adam’s Iron Remover is an acid-free, pH-balanced formulation designed to effectively decontaminate paint and finished surfaces. Adam’s Iron Remover stops harsh damage-causing contamination from rusting through your finish or developing pitting on the surface. Adam’s Iron Remover introduces the similar iron-activated, low-odor technology found in Adam’s Wheel Cleaner, but it has been reformulated to get to work fast on your paint to remove bonded contaminants embedded into the paint. By thinning out the formula, this allows for the product to lay a thin even layer onto the surface and get to work fast on the surface. Since it is slightly thinner in consistency as well, this allows for a better misting pattern to cover large surface areas on paint.

With every mile traveled, our vehicles are faced with road debris, dirt, and weathering outside of our control-- when our vehicle is parked outside, it still continues to fall victim to harmful ferrous brake dust particles in the air, rail dust, or industrial fallout. All of these items can damage our finish and take away from the brilliant shine we all love and enjoy. With Adam’s Iron Remover, you’re exposing the contaminants on contact and allowing the blend of pH neutral ingredients to get to work and breakdown what does not belong.

Adam’s Iron Remover is essential to any detailing enthusiast wanting to maximize their finish, detailing skills, and overall feel of their paint. With detailing clays, clay bars, or our Clay Mitt, you’re removing surface contamination and what is stagnant on the surface, but not its effects beneath. Adam’s Iron Remover breaks down ferrous contamination at the source and eliminates its effects.

Adam’s Iron Remover is safe on automotive clear coats and single stage paints. Iron Remover can also be used on wheel surfaces, however, it is recommended to use Adam’s Wheel Cleaner as it’s a thicker, more concentrated formula. Adam’s Iron Remover removes brake dust and road grime baked onto your finish through the sun. This product easily removes ferrous brake dust that has fallen and stuck to your finish.

Adam’s Iron Remover, although an amber/orange-colored product within the bottle, turns iron contamination purple and allows you to turn stubborn iron particles and contaminants into a liquid form that safely washes away from your finish.

Please note: Adam’s Iron Remover activates with metallic particles, both good and bad. While using this on your finish, be mindful if spraying product near plastic trim or body lines-- this product can stain plastic surfaces if left on for too long or applied to too hot of a surface. Adam’s Iron Remover can be used in full sun, however, it is recommended to cool the surface to the touch by rinsing your vehicle thoroughly before and after use.

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