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Looking to get rid of odors without covering it up with an air freshener or scented option? We have a product for you! Adam's bamboo-activated charcoal odor bag-- the easiest way to keep out the odors and moisture found beneath what eyes can see.

  • 500 Grams
  • Bamboo Activated Charcoal
  • Absorbs Unwanted Odors
  • Non-Toxic & Odorless
  • Reusable - Every Few Months Leave Out In Sun For 1-2 Hours
  • Leave Anywhere In Your Vehicle!
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    Matt M.
    United States United States

    6 Month Review

    I have to hand it to Adam's (again), another solid product. While I've never had a product like this before I could not pass up when it went on sale. My vehicle is 5 years old and was bought new, and while I rarely have anyone but me in my vehicle, I don't eat or drink anything other than water in my vehicle and and pets are not allowed, needless to say I started with a clean canvas. This charcoal bag really eliminates any odors from occupants or when transporting myself from the trailhead. This has allowed the new car smell to be retained. I type this as I just set the bag out in the sun for a couple of hours (as you should!). Please do not be fooled, this is not going to turn a neglected, ate in, well used/abused interior into a new car from a smell perspective. This is for the person who takes care of their vehicle and understands the meaning of car care.


    Never knew I needed this

    I heard about charcoal bags from a friend but was told to stick to only quality brands (they use bigger charcoal pieces). So while a little pricey, I figured I'd try one from Adam's. This thing is like magic. Within a couple days it has neutralized the musty dog smell in my room. If it works in a bedroom, I have to imagine this will work great in a car. Going to buy a couple more.


    BUY IT!!!! YOU NEED IT!!!!

    I have purchase a few of these bags and there AWESOME. I have a bag in each vehicle and you love it!!! If you smoke ? You need this 100%. The vehicle stays smelling FRESH!!!



    Alright, I know this is a "car" care company, but I often use Adam's products inside our home as well and this product is no exception. We use the Charcoal Odor Bag in our 1.5 year old son's bedroom to counter the odor that tends to leak from his diaper pale. No joke, before purchasing this product, even with small air diffuser and a sealed trash bin, we couldn't eliminate the smell. Enter the Charcoal Odor Bag and it has eliminated all traces of nasty smells. Excellent product.



    So far so good, It's kept the car dog oder free. Bought this to keep in the floor to try and keep the smell of my puppy out of my car (I know, who lets a dog in the car). Even though the dog doesn't smell besides like a puppy, it keeps the car smelling odorless. I haven't felt the need to put a ozone machine in the car lately. Seems to do its job nicely! 10/10 Adam's Crew!

    Sealed in a durable linen and filled with bamboo-activated charcoal, these bags are safe to use on any material or surface. The key to this product is in the bag, where hundreds of charcoal beads soak up odors and moisture, and function as a sponge while removing impurities from the air around it! While at work on the floor of your car or truck, these bags use the air flowing through it and act as a filter for any unwanted particles in the air! Contains no fragrance or chemicals. Non-toxic.

    1. For best results and optimum odor reduction, clean interior with Adam's Leather and Interior Cleaner and vacuum thoroughly.
    2. Remove Adam's Polishes Charcoal Odor Bag from wrapping.
    3. Place Charcoal Odor Bag in centralized location on the floor of your vehicle.
    4. After each month of use, restore charcoal bag back to its original state by placing it outside for 1-2 hours.
    5. Regular maintenance of your Charcoal Odor Bag will allow it to last up to 2 years!
    6. Once done, discard the bag itself and recycle the beads in the bag in your garden!

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