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Protect your vehicle from the elements for months and still have a dazzling reflective finish. An easy-to-use sealant that adds depth, shine & protection for months. Apply this product once or twice a year and you won't have to use anything else besides soap for regular washing! To extend the life of Paint Sealant, simply use H2O Guard & Gloss every few months to layer protection and rejuvenate shine. And yes, you can always layer products with Waxes, Glazes, and even SiO2 infused chemicals!

  • Our Most Durable Polymer Protection Ever
  • Apply By Machine or By Hand Easily
  • Incredibly Reflective Shine
  • Long Lasting Protection For 6-8 Months
  • Cures in Minutes
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    I purchased this kit to seal the paint on my new car. I've never used paint sealant before on any of my previous cars, but wanted to make sure with the new rig that I was doing everything I can to 1) protect the paint and 2) keep the car looking brand new as long as I can. To be rank, I was blown away by how easy this product was to apply using the microfiber pads and how easy it was to remove after it hazed up. The results on my paint are astounding and it looked better than the day I bought my car. I have to be honest though, the coconut smell of the product made me sing Rupert Holmes' song "Escape." "If you like pina coladas / and getting caught in the rain / if you're not into yoga / and you have half a brain / if you like making love at midnight" I also was craving a mai tai after sealing the paint of my car - what other product invokes such random thoughts? Bottom line is I cannot envision why someone would NOT by this product? The kit is a great deal too - the double soft towel was perfect for product removal. I followed up sealing my paint with Adam's American Wax. Car looks so fantastic.



    Bought this kit to use after Adams paint correction and finish polishes. I used the applicator to cover the whole car, it was easy on and took some work getting off after hazing up. The after results are great, the paint is slick! Now just to top it off with buttery wax to make it shine even more.



    Very easy to apply. Make sure you start with a clean, wax and contaminate free surface (Accomplished via Strip Wash and Clay). Goes on like warm buttery. Taking it off can be a challenge if you used too much of it and/or you are in high humidity, like I did/was. Water beads nicely, but I recommend topping it with H2O Guard and Gloss for extra sealant, beading, and shine.



    I bought the kit, but I used the sealant on my VW MK5 .:R32 with machine for the most part and did use the kit applicators for tough to get to spots. The formula is easy to apply either way. The shine is instant, easy to wipe of after hazing up, too. It was warm when I sealed, so hazing is very quick in high temps in the garage. I used finishing polish first, and even though the car is nearly 10 years old, the paint looks fantastic with this combo. The car is my daily driver, and I will update on longevity of the protection. But boy does the paint feel slippery! Microfiber cloths definitely slip off the surface. This is a fast way to seal paint.



    Great product!! Easy to apply and remove with this kit. I did my whole car with this sealant a couple months ago and and still shines.


    • 8oz Paint Sealant
    • 2 Microfiber Applicators
    • Double Soft Microfiber Towel

    Use a microfiber applicator to evenly crosshatch apply Paint Sealant in a thin layer panel by panel. Apply Paint Sealant to entire car and remove with Double Soft Microfiber Towel. 
    *If the product doesn't come off easily due to being too thick, use a mist of Detail Spray to remove.

    Easily Apply with Machine or by hand. Color coordinated to the Adam's Grey Sealant and Waxing Pads, Adam's Paint Sealant goes on quickly and easily using your Flex, Cyclo, Porter Cable, Swirl Killer or any similar detailing machine. For those not working with a machine, the new formula goes on just as easily by hand, using one of our soft foam or microfiber applicator pads. The formula spreads evenly and easily, sets up quickly, and the residues remove easier than ever.

    The acrylic polymer formulation provides some of our most durable protection to date, withstanding the harshest seasons and harshest detergents better than any product we've offered before. The benefits don't stop with the longevity alone... independent testing had customers raving about the gloss and rich, rock hard, shine left behind by Adam's Liquid Paint Sealant.


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