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Adam's Car Wash Shampoo 16oz

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Thick, luxurious suds, and a pH neutral formula make Adam’s Car Shampoo the ultimate way to wash your car. The concentrated formula produces more suds with less product and always rinses clean for a spot free finish that won’t scratch or leave water spots.

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  • New Concentrated Formula produces more suds
  • Gentle on all surfaces and pH neutral
  • Our slickest formula ever, reduces the chances of swirls 
  • Made in 
What makes a car wash truly ‘the best’? It has to be safe and gentle, but it has to be effective and easy to use. It needs to provide lots of surface lubrication to prevent swirls, but it should also foam to aid in cleaning. We’re proud to say that our new Car Shampoo formula delivers on all these needs and more! Our foamiest, most concentrated formula ever features the absolute best ingredients and premium cleaning agents to deliver a wash experience that you’ll absolutely love. 
It all starts with the suds. Adam’s New Formula Car Shampoo is our foamiest formulation ever, producing tons of thick lather with just a few ounces of the concentrated gel in a bucket, foam gun, or even a foam cannon. More importantly the suds sustain for longer! Your bucket mixture will hold a rich, thick, head of foam during your entire wash process, never going flat before you have a chance to finish. But foam is only a part of the equation, in addition to the added foaming power Adam’s Car Shampoo is slicker than ever, using a blend of advanced cleaners and polymers to create a slick feel, lubricating the paints surface as it lifts dirt away, and reducing the chances of ever introducing damage to your delicate clear coat. 
While it's effective, Adam’s Car Shampoo is also gentle, maintaining its pH neutral formula that cleans without stripping your wax or drying out your trim. It's so gentle, in fact, that it's better than ever at suspending the mineral content of your water, even in full sunlight. As with any Adam’s product the scent and color are part of the fun. The deep blue hue and wild berry scent will fill the air with a pleasant candy-like scent that you can’t help but enjoy wash after wash. 
  • New Concentrated Formula produces more suds
  • Gentle on all surfaces and pH neutral
  • Our slickest formula ever, reduces the chances of swirls 
  • Made in 
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63 Review(s)
4.89 out of 5 stars
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Awesome product. This soap produces the most suds of the Adams line and gives great lubrication. Alittle goes a long way and leaves a nice smell. You won't regr... more
Probably one of the best soaps on the market. Suds up very well and lasts unlike others. Also smells good
This soap is good I'm a first time user of Adams I've been exploring different car care products mostly CG's and meg's and I'm really impressed with Adams as we... more
Zac on 12/8/2018
Excellent product. Adds a ton of shine and gets every spec of dirt off when used correctly. Not to mention it prevents even a single water spot. Great product and amazing price!
A.J. Bentley on 11/20/2018
Very easy to use and has lots of suds. The first time I used it, I mixed 2oz in the wash bucket and 1oz would have been plenty- suds galore! Great product that I will use again.
Chris on 9/3/2018
Been using adam’s for years now and thought heck spot free rinse sounds good. I was wrong spotted more then the local stuff I have been buying. Have a granite crystal ram 2500 that spotted all over. Even rewashed and flooded with water to make sure all the soap was off not luck....I guess my water is harder than that “Arizona” water.
Taylor on 7/10/2018
I used this Adam's Car Wash Shampoo in my Foam Cannon last weekend and it's the best car shampoo on the market!!! Very happy keep it up Adam's
John Green on 5/10/2018
Ok, So Adams has many different types of soaps, Wash and Wax Car, shampoo, Strip Wax, and Ultra Foam. I have used all of these and I didn't see that big of a difference between Ultra Foam, Wash and Wax, and the basic Car Shampoo. The foaminess seemed to be all identical, now this may just be due to not having 100% water pressure, or a lower PSI pressure washer. Overall I think you should just buy the classic Car Shampoo.
Cesar on 5/6/2018
I must have received a bad batch or they reformulated cause its definitely not what I remember it to be. Just doesn't make suds.
Carl Ryan on 2/11/2018
Love this shampoo, it foams up nice. It is fairly priced and works great! i also love the fact that Adams runs a small run of the previous pink shampoo once in a while for the enthusiasts.
Eric on 1/30/2018
Used this for the first time on my our daily drivers with the foam gun and two bucket technique before using it on my brand new corvette. All I can say is holy cow! Absolutely no water spotting. The older cars never looked better and I have no worries with introducing paint swirls on the vette. I will definitely order a gallon of it. Awesome product!
Jim S. on 1/28/2018
Hands down best car shampoo there is.
DEREK on 1/28/2018
i used alot of different soaps and this soap is great. quick wash all the way to using it in the foam canon. Great price and great product. Will be buying again.
Ross on 12/8/2017
Great stuff! Very sudsy even when not using a foam gun or foam cannon. Apply a few circles to your wash pad and good to go.
Dimce on 11/26/2017
Before I found out about Adam's Polishes I used to use Meguiar's soft wash gel in a single bucket, since then I use this shampoo in a 2 bucket wash method and in a foam cannon. I love the berry scent makes washing the car more enjoyable, the shampoo foams very well and worth purchasing. Adam's for life.
Zachary Appalachia Legends on 11/25/2017
I honestly thought that every shampoo was the same until I brought this. #SUDSCITY
Alex on 11/14/2017
Best car soap. It creates tons of suds which help maintain my paint swirl free.
Not happy on 10/28/2017
First time using their car soap, it dried out quickly on the car and it left water spots. Not happy at all. It was stated that it would not damage the paint if the soap dried and that was false based on my experience; will not be buying again
Scot on 10/6/2017
Awesome results using this in the foam gun the soap last forever and you do not need to use very much product at all!!
Semir on 9/23/2017
awesome product
Corey on 9/4/2017
So I have tried many car washing soaps and this is my favorite. It have a nice scent and lubricity too it. It does a great job cleaning and does not leave streaks on my vehicles.
Ethan on 8/14/2017
Best car soap i ever used.
Dominic on 8/13/2017
Made my Silverado look better than the day I took it home from the dealership, a ton of suds from very little soap love the way my truck looks after I wash it
Surround Sound Freak 13 on 7/7/2017
After waking up from the hospital, I was told I consumed Adam's Car Wash product. They said it's on the bottle, do not consume! But it smells too darn good! After walking to my car, I see how clean it looked after using this item. Amazing results and smells delicious.
Jasun on 4/16/2017
Great car wash soap i have been using McGuire's gold class before and its not a bad soap either but it does not get alot suds like adams. Leaves the car real clean and no water spots after washing also i would do the 2 bucket wash method and detail spray the car after washing. I love adams commitment of putting out A1 products and not another gimmick company of all talk. And everyone makes mistakes no person or company is perfect. Keep up the great products adams!
Nathan Baron (Owner of Baron's Auto Detailing) on 3/21/2017
As an owner of a detail company in Illinois, it is very important to me that I provide my customers with the best results possible (especially when their car is covered in road salt). But when it came to buying car wash soap for my foam gun, it seemed as if other brands of soap just didn't cut it so I am very glad I finally tried out Adam's car wash shampoo. This product smells awesome (I believe it's a blueberry scent), cleans great, doesn't leave spotting on the paint, and foams up nicely in the Adam's foam gun. After using this product a few times now, I have found that adding 2.5 ounces of soap in the foam gun creates a great balance of suds. As a professional in the industry, I recommend filling your foam gun with water first and then adding soap, otherwise some product will be wasted when trying to fill up the canister. Once you are finished rinsing the soap off I recommend using Adam's H20 Guard & Gloss while you dry the vehicle for a flawless, protected shine! Keep up the good work Adam's!
Jesse on 3/5/2017
Awesome product. This soap produces the most suds of the Adams line and gives great lubrication. Alittle goes a long way and leaves a nice smell. You won't regret purchasing this.
DCar on 3/5/2017
This soap is good I'm a first time user of Adams I've been exploring different car care products mostly CG's and meg's and I'm really impressed with Adams as well I used the soap in combination with the detail spray for drying both products left a really good shine on my shadow black mustang I own but haven't tried the brilliant glaze and Americana paste wax yet but I'll get to them soon hopefully they're as good as CG's and meg's
Brandon on 9/12/2016
I use this product in my foam Canon that I attached my pressure washer, it does an awesome job cleaning and loosening up dirt and produces great suds.
Jeremiah on 9/12/2016
It's the best car shampoo out there that can turn a dirty car into a new clean car
Carter Williams on 9/12/2016
A+. Best on the market.
Craig on 9/12/2016
I have been using Adams soaps for years. The new formula performs great and gets your car clean with ease. It smells great too!
Fred on 9/12/2016
Stuff is awesome, works great in the foam cannon as well. Will be my go to car shampoo from now on.
matt on 9/11/2016
This stuff work great on my gf 2013 ford escape it make the shine come right back to factory look.
Scott on 9/11/2016
Just started using products by Adams for new car I bought few months ago and I must say, Love it... The car shampoo is great... Very small amount goes a very long way... Rinse away with leaving no residue behind, and helps keeping away water spots.... It's a must use product...
Lisa on 9/11/2016
great car shampoo with a 2 bucket,foam gun or foam cannon. a little goes a long way . will be getting the gallon soon.
Wil on 9/10/2016
Buy it, you won't be disappointed. Easily the best car shampoo I've ever used. Cleans and shines the paint extremely well. It is super slick across the paint and really helps to prevent swirls. I use the foam gun and the 10" wash pad for every wash.
Jordan on 9/10/2016
Smells nice when applied, produces lots of suds, lubricates well
Usman on 9/10/2016
Best car shampoo I've ever used i thought meguiar's ultimate wash and wax was great but this product blows meguiar's out the water! Amazing suds and smells even better and then finish it off with a little clay action and buttery wax! OH BABY! Adams is the only product I keep in my garage now and collection is only growing...
Jeff on 6/20/2016
After years of using whatever car soap was on sale, i decided to try out Adam's car shampoo, the difference is night and day. Combine this with the foam gun and you get a thick foam that goes on easy and cuts through the grime. Absolutely love it.
Joe on 6/2/2016
This soap is great, ive had the small 16oz bottle for about 6 months and have only used about half of it. It suds up well and stays on the car, doesnt dry up as long as your not washing a hot car, and is nice and slippery for whatever mit/pad i use. It works pretty well at taking of most of the grime and dirt that accumulates on the car between washes, i always keep All Purpose Cleaner on hand for heavy stuff like bird crap, sap and road oils.
Brandon on 5/26/2016
Probably one of the best soaps on the market. Suds up very well and lasts unlike others. Also smells good
Casey on 5/25/2016
Doubt another shampoo can beat this one. Suds for days. smells great A+++++
Jeremy on 5/17/2016
The soap smells great and foams up really well. Best of all, when it foams up, it doesn't just run off of the car. It really sticks (and smells great too!) My favorite part is that you won't ever get water spots if the soap dries temporarily on the car.
Rich on 4/25/2016
Great stuff. Even if it starts to dry it does not seem to streak. Smells fantastic.
mike on 4/14/2016
I've tried darn near all the top brands out there and this stuff ranks up at the top!!! Super slick, great suds and smell!!
Nicholas on 4/14/2016
Best Car Wash Shampoo Ever!!! You'll never find anything like this anywhere else. Smells amazing, creates tons of suds, very concentrate and a 16oz bottle will last forever!
Jayson on 4/11/2016
Best car shampoo on the market!!! Period!!! I will never buy another car shampoo!
Zach on 1/26/2016
This is my first review of any product, but I like Adam's way to much to not leave one. This car wash soap is amazing. I know it sounds crazy to call it the best I've used, but it truly is. Leaves a beautiful shine on my truck.
Michael on 1/25/2016
Amazing soap with great scent and suds! Try it! You won't be disappointed!
Dragos on 11/18/2015
Best soap Ive used on my car and I think i used somewhere between 7-10 soaps. Foams like crazy, very slippery, and washes off with ease.
Chad on 11/16/2015
Brady on 11/3/2015
Adam's Car Shampoo is the BEST! You will not find a car soap better than this.
Joel on 6/30/2015
Adam's Car Shampoo was my introduction into Adam's Polishes and I am extremely impressed. The product smells great and suds extremely well, but I am even more impressed by the care taken to ship the product and all of the details on the inside of the double-thick box. Love my car shampoo and plan on building up a large Adam's collection soon! I am more than happy to pay a premium for quality products made in the USA. Rock on
Jamey on 6/20/2015
I am a little late reviewing this because my stock of the old formula was fairly abundant. So now that I tried this new formula for the first time, I will say it is much more slick feeling from a lubrication perspective. I never really had a complaint with the old soap. But I believe this revised soap will protect the paint better during the wash process and thats a good thing. Using the foam gun it seemed to stick around and cling very well too. Rinsed off really easy as well. Car looks great. Thanks Adams Team.
Andrew on 4/19/2015
I have been a happy user of the old soap for some time now, but when I ran out recently, I ordered the new blue formula. I have no idea how Adam's improved on a product that I already thought was perfect but they did.
The new blue soap is INSANELY foamy, and noticeably slicker when washing. It is also worth noting that the foam lasts much longer than the previous formula which is a big plus. I seriously love this stuff and can't believe how far just a little bit goes.
Adam's did it again.
ralph on 4/3/2015
very slick and super foaming suds
Dan on 3/30/2015
Great product! Super slick on the wash pad and suds are thick and last a long time in the bucket. Best wash i have ever used, I recommend it to all my friends.
Kyle on 3/16/2015
Holy suds!!! I used about half as much product for a wash as the old shampoo and got more suds out of it. Felt slicker as well and the suds lasted longer in the bucket.
Cameron on 3/2/2015
This stuff is so great! The New car shampoo produces more foam and is SUPER slick! I love this stuff to death! and on top of that is has the brand new blueberry smell. When I first got the soap I opened up the bottle and I all I wanted to do is drink it because it smelled so great! if you are looking for an outstanding car shampoo. Than this is the stuff for you regardless
Kyle on 3/2/2015
Another great product from Adams. Smells great and lathers like none other. Suds for days!!! A must have for anyone wanting a quality shampoo to ensure an optimum cleaning experience... ...I might even shave with it.
Steve McNett on 2/20/2015
Got mine today and I love it! Better smell this time around too. SOOOO MANY SUDS!
Sam on 2/19/2015
I really liked the old Adams Shampoo and was shocked to find i LOVE this new formula even more. It holds suds longer and is extremely slick. Makes cleaning even the dirtiest car easy. The smell is also a top selling point.
Ryan on 2/17/2015
I didn't think Adam's could improve much on their old formula here, yet again.. they did. This stuff is concentrated so you get more bang for your buck. It's as slippery as ever, foams great and if it dries on the car; it wipes right off. Great job guys! This is a must have for any enthusiast.
Derek on 2/16/2015
Got my hands on this before release on a facebook contest. Its everything they say - foamy and slick and the smell is like a raspberry candy. I loved the original red soap but this even better than that. The only soap I'll use on my cars from now on.
Daryl on 2/16/2015
This soap is great! So many suds and SUPER slippery under my wash pad. Great stuff!

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