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Adam's Sidekick Blaster 12ft Cord (White)

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Tired of drying your car just to drive down the road and have your mirrors and taillights drip down the paint again? Here is your solution. Quickly dry those hard to reach areas to make sure your car is ready to go for a drive right away!

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  • Effortlessly Blows Water from Cracks and Crevices
  • Cuts Drying Time by Up To 80%
  • Filters and Heats Air Unlike a Leaf Blower
  • Super Compact, Stores Easily, Saves Space!
  • Made in 

Adam's Blaster Sidekick Dryer by MetroVac isn’t a character from a comic book, but you’ll feel like you have super powers when you are able to do away with the evil post-wash water drips and trapped water that plagues your drying routine! It's a drying experience like none you've ever had before.

Vanquish evil water spots and the dreaded drips that appear when you towel dry using this compact and powerful tool to blow water from the hard to reach areas where it likes to hide. The Blaster Sidekick is made in the USA with MetroVac's legendary quality.

Adam's Blaster Sidekick Dryer by MetroVac's 1.3hp motor generates a large volume of heated and filtered air to safely and effectively blow out of crevices much faster than you ever thought possible. Stop drying like a mere mortal and step up to Superhero car washing status with the Adam's Blaster Sidekick Dryer (superhero cape not included)

  • Motor: 1.3 HP
  • Amps: 8 Amps/ 950 Watts
  • Weight: 3lbsHeight: 9.5 inches
  • Cord Length: 1-foot


  • Touchless Drying with No Streaking
  • Cuts Drying Time by Up To 80%
  • Blow the Water out of  Cracks & Crevices
  • Super Compact
  • Made in 
Product Rating:
22 Review(s)
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If you wash your car or detail often, this is TOTALLY NEEDED. This blower is very powerful and blows every drop of water of your car or wheels. HUGE help for wh... more
One of my favorite products! Makes drying my truck 10x easier and quicker. This is a must have in any arsenal.
My wife bought this for me since we were using a shop vac to dry cars off with. Now I still use the shop vac but this sidekick blaster has become essential to g... more
Automotive Detail Specialists
Brian on 11/27/2018
This little blower is quite impressive. It's a lot more powerful than I ever expected from such a small unit. I can't wash my truck or the wife's car without one now..

*Just a note though; just ordered another one for my dad for Christmas (as he fell in love with mine) and this second one is black and no longer has an 11' cord on it. The cord is only about a foot now.
Not a complaint, just an FYI.
MJ on 11/26/2018
Received the sidekick blaster today and put it to work immediately to blow out the wheels, door jambs, side mirrors and window seals of my car after washing it. Mine did not have the 12' cord, which would be nice, as the model I have has an ~ 1' cord. This little guy is very powerful and I'm sure I could have blown my entire car dry had I spent more time with it. Great tool to make the car washing/drying process simpler and faster and eliminates those drips that happen after the car is dried.
Julie on 6/10/2018
I was hesitant to purchase, but was SO GLAD I DID. This did exactly what was advertised and let's face it who really enjoys washing and drying a car. We have a new Corvette and what could be better than using air. rather than a towel. Dryed the complete car with the Sidekick then went back over a few spots with Adam's Detail spray and a microfiber towel.
Ryan on 4/4/2018
This thing is great makes life so much easier! Affordable, powerful, only bad thing is you will need an extension cord in most cases. Still 5 stars all day great buy!
Jamey on 3/13/2017
The Blaster Sidekick is pretty neat. It has quite a bit of power for its size. I recently detailed a big truck and while I didn't use the Sidekick to dry the majority of the vehicle, it really helped get all the trim, badges, tailgate, and grill area dry. All of those areas would have probably drippped all over the paint over time. This little machine also worked great to blow out debris from the interior. I think it's actually better for that than the Master Blaster because it's not overly strong and the on off switch is at your finger tips at all times. I also used it to dry the wheels and tires. This little blower will take your drying and detail game to a new level.
Jesse on 3/5/2017
I always dried with a towel until I came across this and purchased it just to blow the water out of the cracks and crevices. I have a 4 door midsize sedan and can effortlessly dry my entire car with this. I was hesitant to make the initial purchase but am beyond happy to have done it.
Adam on 2/17/2017
Like some of the other reviews here I was hesitant to buy this, I've never used a leaf blower or anything and just figured it couldn't be that much better drying my car after blowing it off; but I followed the reviews on here and how much everyone liked it and I 110% agree. This thing is small but packs a punch, it's got some real power to it. You can spend literally 2 minutes quickly blowing off the car and blowing out the door handles, mirrors, and grill, and it cut my drying time way down and only needed one towel.

Also, it helps to have your paint sealed and protected because it helps the water run off of the car. I use their H20 Guard & Gloss which also is an amazing product, and it just helps this little blower even more.
Daniel on 1/17/2017
I just received my Side Kick. I WISH I HAD BOUGHT ONE SOONER! If you enjoy being able to move from one thing to the next when washing your car and want to get it dry without breaking your back get a Side Kick now! I wish I had not waited this long or wasted time and money on a small shop vac. This is an awesome tool and a must have for a true clean and shine freak. Do yourself a favor and buy one today! YOU WILL NO REGRET IT!! If this is as good as it is then I can only IMAGINE how great the big boys are but for me, my budget, and only washing mine and the wife's cars then this thing works PERFECTLY!
Automotive Detail Specialists on 1/13/2017
My wife bought this for me since we were using a shop vac to dry cars off with. Now I still use the shop vac but this sidekick blaster has become essential to get down into all the crevices. Love it!
Nick on 12/31/2016
I initially bought this to blow all the water out of the grilles and open end lug nuts I have on my GTO, I didn't take into account since I recently applied Adam's ceramic paint coating that I could easily dry my entire car with this little thing. Worth every penny. No more towel drying for me!
Philip on 9/7/2016
WOW!!!! Super impressed! I held off for the longest time since I had an electric leaf blower. What a mistake that was! With the quality USA-made unit pushing out massive amounts of warm air, this thing makes much shorter work when compared to my old electric leaf blower. I give the Sidekick 7-stars!!!
Jesse on 6/3/2016
Ok so I just stocked up on a ton of Adams products and constantly see 5 star reviews! I thought to myself ok this has to be rigged or something because this many people can't love so many products!! But I have to say Wow!!! I could go through and review all the products I got and give 5 star reviews to H2o guard & gloss, detail spray, wheel cleaner etc. But I had to come and give this sidekick some love. This is the best thing ever. Great size and blows like crazy (haha, i know). You can literally dry your whole car with this thing or at least get 80% of the water off. Stop reading reviews and buy this thing now! It works so good on your wheels (lug nut holes) and all the trim, really amazing product that I highly recommend.
Robert on 4/15/2016
Great tool to my collection works great on drying my cars it's safe and cuts drying time in half blows out all the cracks and crevices on the car mirrors emblems grill and really the whole car great investment light and easy to use
Jayson on 4/11/2016
This is my favorite tool in my collection!!! This gets the annoying water out of my door handles, mirrors, lights and wheels!! I also use this to get the heavy water off my car before I go over it with the drying towel!
Josh_mp10 on 12/3/2014
I purchased this item a couple months ago and it has been worth every dollar spent! It will get to all of those hard to dry areas with ease, I have even dried most of my F150 with this little guy. You will not be disapointed!!
donnytomko on 12/2/2014
This little thing works fantastic! Helps get the stubborn water out of the cracks to ensure a flawless drying session. Well worth the money!
Freddy on 12/2/2014
Good idea! Good job adam!
Michael on 12/2/2014
If you wash your car or detail often, this is TOTALLY NEEDED. This blower is very powerful and blows every drop of water of your car or wheels. HUGE help for wheels and if you wanted you can dry your entire car with this thing. LOVE this product.
dommer91 on 9/22/2014
I recently bought the Adams Blaster Sidekick and it is awesome! it really helps with getting your rims and tire dry. it also works great for getting water out of those hard to reach areas so that water spots do not come about. For this small little piece of equipment it sure packs a powerful punch! i would definitely recommend the blaster to anyone who is considering it!
@detailak on 9/21/2014
PUT THE LEAFBLOWER DOWN AND STEP AWAY! haha let me tell you i would not have guessed how powerful and good of job this thing does. Wow is all i can say. Say good bye to those hidden water streaks that ruin your hard work
Chas on 9/19/2014
One of my favorite products! Makes drying my truck 10x easier and quicker. This is a must have in any arsenal.
Kris on 9/19/2014
This is an absolute must have! If you properly seal/wax your car then this and a waffle weave towel are your best friend. It makes drying my car so much easier and I no longer get those annoying water spots. This little guy packs a punch and is much easier to maneuver than a leaf blower.

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