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Adam’s Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating™ Advanced is an easy-to-use Ceramic Coating that can be seen where applied using the Adam’s UV Flashlight and our patent-pending UV Tracer Technology™. This coating is appropriate to add long-lasting, extreme self-cleaning effects for single-stage and clear-coated, painted surfaces, glass, plastic trim, polycarbonate, rubber moulding, and wheels with a single bottle.

  • Less Prone to Water Spotting
  • Lower Sliding Angle With Water Evacuating at Angles < 10-15°
  • Higher Contact Averaging 110-118°
  • Higher Stain Resistance Against Bugs, Saps, Droppings, etc.
  • Higher Scratch and Mar Resistance During the Washing Process
  • Easier to Apply, Slicker, and Glossier Than Conventional Ceramic Coatings
  • 100% Increased Coating Resin Over Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating™
  • Add 12-18 Months of Ceramic Protection in Minutes
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    Jim B.
    United States United States

    Awesome Products!!

    I recently ordered the Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating (Advanced). It is such a great product, it leaves the paint looking so deep, glossy and slick!! I actually used it on a friends’ car first, his paint is a pearlescent white, and it came out phenomenal, he is still talking about it!!


    Amazingly Perfect!!!

    Firstly, thank you very much indeed for super fast delivery, even those gigantic big online shop company can't beat this. Been prep my car, as i knew my package's coming, and applied as soon as it arrived. And thank you so much for producing such a great great product . Will buy some more in the near future

    Gregory G.

    Best Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating

    I used the Adams Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating and it made my paint look like looking into a mirror and also purchased the Advanced Adams Graphene Ceramic coating and I will be buying more for my detailing business that I do as a side job. I get more comments about how great their vehicle looks and I get more business from their word of mouth because others ask who did their detail work! It outshines any expensive ceramic coating that I have used and I will keep using Adams products because it is so easy to apply and wipe off for the best stuff on the market!! I wouldn’t change to anything else out there, great product for a great price!!

    Joel c.

    Worked perfectly

    Watched the video on how to apply the sealant. It was easier than anticipated. The coating felt a little tacky a few days later but I don’t think it was fully cured. I checked a week later and the paint was smooth. Well worth it ! Washed the car two weeks later and it looked great. Just used a blower to get 90% of the water off. I only used a tiny amount of the spray. I think you could do 8-10 cars with this stuff. I only added one coat for my test purposes.



    1. As with any Ceramic Coating, preparation is key. Use an Adam's Clay Bar/Mitt and an Adam's Swirl Killer to remove contamination, oxidation, swirls/scratches for optimal results.
    2. Maximize protection by using Adam's Surface Prep to remove any surface oils, or residues.
    3. Spray Adam's Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating™ Advanced into a Microfiber Applicator, or an Adam's Premium Microfiber Towel.
    4. Wipe the product onto the paint, allowing the surface to be fully covered.
    5. Allow the product to sit for 1-2 minutes.
    6. Buff to a high shine with an Adam's Premium Microfiber Towel.
    7. Allow 4 hours to cure before exposure to elements.


    1. “Can I layer this product to make it last longer?”

    Yes, of course, but that doesn’t mean layering this product 10 times will make it 10x longer— any application after 3 rounds will render the product redundant and still provide the same hydrophobic effects. 

    1. “What is Ceramic Glow Technology?”

    Ceramic Glow Technology™ is Adam’s Polishes Patent-Pending chemistry. It’s a crystalline form of an optical brightener that absorbs energy and emits light as it relaxes back down to a lower energy state.

    1. “What’s the difference between fluorescence and phosphorescence?”

    Length of time that the light is emitted. Said another way, the amount of time it takes for the electrons to relax and quit releasing energy in the form of photons or light.

    1. “Does the UV Coating act as a durability indicator?”

    No, it doesn’t. It’s currently offered as an application aid and utility for visualizing the coating. Lack of glow does not indicate lack of coating.

    1. “Why does the product glow more intensely on some substrates than others?”

    Differences in porosity and the ability of the coating to penetrate and bond to different surfaces will cause different levels of film thickness. The thicker the film, the more intense the glow typically.

    1. “Will my car glow blue in the sunlight?”

    No, because this coating is completely invisible and clear under standard light, the coating will only glow a bluish hue under the 395 NM UV light.

    1. “Will this coating glow after being “charged” with the UV light?”

    No, since this coating is fluorescent and not phosphorescent, it will excite and glow only when the light is shone. Contrarily, “glow in the dark” items have a yellow/greenish hue from phosphorescent dyes-- these slowly become excited under any light and will diminish over the course of a few minutes. 

    1. “What can I use this on? Can I just use this on the whole car?”

    Adam’s UV Graphene Ceramic Coating provides protection to an extreme range of areas on your vehicle including Painted surfaces, Trim, Bed Rail Covers, Plastic Engine Bay Components, Headlights, Bed liners, - all are safe to be protected.

    1. “What happens if I forget a spot or end up with a high-spot?”

    If you forget a spot and you catch it in time (10-20 minutes after removal) simply reapply to that area and wipe off after 1-2 minutes. Reactivating the product will allow for easier removal. If left on for longer, we recommend Brilliant Glaze and a microfiber applicator, or machine polishing with Correcting Polish to fully remove the imperfection.

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