Adam's Water Spot Remover
Adam's Water Spot Remover
Adam's Water Spot Remover
Adam's Water Spot Remover
Adam's Water Spot Remover
Adam's Water Spot Remover

Adam's Water Spot Remover

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Adam’s Water Spot Remover helps solve a common problem for car care lovers – unsightly water spots and stains on paintwork and glass! This heavy-duty formula quickly and effectively neutralizes and dissolves the minerals and salts left behind in alkaline water spot stains using a mild acid and specialty surfactants.

  • Neutralizes & Removes Stubborn Water Stains Quickly
  • Thickened Formula Clings Where Applied
  • Thoroughly Prepares Surface for Protection
  • Water-Based & Acidic Actives
  • Safe on Clear Coat, Glass, & Ceramic/Graphene Coated Surfaces
  • Black Licorice Scent
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Water spots are caused by hard water, rich in dissolved minerals such as magnesium and calcium, allowed to evaporate on a surface – leaving behind a difficult to remove stain. Typical cleaners and detail sprays are usually not sufficient to remove these stains unless caught very shortly after they’ve dried. If the stains are allowed to bake into the paintwork or glass, they will require physical abrasion, such as claying, to decontaminate or an acid-based cleaner, such as this one, to penetrate, neutralize, and dissolve those minerals and safely lift them from the surface.

Instructions for General Use:

  1. Wash vehicle or clean surface to remove any loose contaminants and work out of direct sunlight.
  2. Apply Adam’s Water Spot Remover to a microfiber applicator to moisten it and work over 2x2’ area. Allow to dwell or continue to work the product in a cross-hatch pattern for no longer than 30 seconds.
  3. Re-clean area and wipe away any excess product to neutralize the reaction.
  4. Use for multiple applications to continually penetrate into very old, baked-on water spots with a 30 second dwell time each time.
  5. Utilize a wax or sealant to seal the surface after water spots have been sufficiently removed to prevent future contamination.

Common Sense Warning:

Adam’s Water Spot Remover is acid-based and, as such, should be used with proper precaution for safety. When able, wear nitrile gloves when using this product and avoid contact with eyes, skin or ingestion. Do NOT let the product dwell on any surface for more than 30 seconds.


Special caution should be taken when using Adam's Water Spot Remover on glass to not permit the dwell time to not exceed 30 seconds as the acidic active ingredient could etch glass. 


Easy Application

Quick fix for water spot removal.

Spray, Polish, Wipe

Spray onto applicator and begin polishing.

Water-Based With Acidic Actives

Thoroughly prepares surface for protection.