Ultra High Gloss Shine & 9 Years of Protection.. You Can Easily Apply At Home!

• Get Professional Results At Home!

• Provides Scratch & Stain Resistance

• 525+ Verified Reviews!

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Ultra High Gloss Shine & 9 Years of Protection
…You Can Easily Apply At Home!

  • Get Professional Results At Home!
  • Provides Scratch & Stain Resistance
  • 525+ Verified Reviews!
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Why Advanced Graphene is the Best Ceramic Coating on The Market

The Longest Lasting Ceramic Coating On The Market
Advanced Graphene Ceramic Coating is a10H hardness nanocrystalline coating that protects your vehicle from weather, chemicals, and UV rays. Get up to 9 years of protection even in the hardest conditions.

Ceramic Glow Technology Makes It Easy to Apply
While applying it can be difficult to see high spots & which areas are coated. That’s why we developed our patent pending Ceramic Glow Technology. It makes it easy to apply the coating properly and never miss a spot.

Self Cleaning: Repels Water, Dirt, Grime & More!
Water just repels off! Provides stain resistance against bugs, tree sap & bird poop. It’s also extremely scratch resistant and reduces water spotting.

Apply Anywhere and Protect Everything
Unlike other coatings you can apply this to entire car! One bottle does it all: paint, glass, headlights, chrome, wheels, rubber molding, plastic trim & even bed liners. Safe on vinyl wraps, single stage & lacquer paint.



"Great product, great customer service" - Eric P.

Fantastic product, lives up to the hype and did not disappoint in any aspects of its claims. I cannot speak to the longevity as I just recently applied the product but so far so good.


"Best coating yet" - Bradley G.

Worked great. Easy to apply and remove. No issues and left a nice high gloss shine.

"Worked Great and looks awesome, UV Flashlight not worth extra $" - John C

"If you follow instructions and watch a few videos online then this product will work wonders for you. The install is really not bad it just takes time.Preferably you'll want to install this in a garage with overhead lighting because outside under the sun it's almost impossible to see exactly where you've already applied product.Also, even in a pitch black garage it's really hard to see where you've missed any spots using the UV light. Upon inspection of the bottle it looked like the UV additive had settled at the bottom of the bottle, so maybe shaking the bottle up then applying would help, but really the UV flashlight isn't worth it. Plus you have to have 6 AA batteries on hand to use it. Pass on that."

"Really great protection!" - Robert S.

"Not too hard to put on, just make sure the surface is perfect before applying (remove swirl marks, clay bar, etc). - but once’s it’s applied and hardens makes a hard shell (almost like nail polish). I’ve never used such a great ceramic coating before. Extremely impressed! After surface was properly prepped only took less then hour to apply completely."

"Great Coating" - Kenneth

"This is an amazing coating for both professional and consumer use. Looking at some of the negative reviews it looks like incompetence was the primary contributing factor or brand fanaticism. If you are having slickness or gloss issues immediately after installing then improper application was the issue as even cheap coatings have impressive gloss and surface tension in the beginning and for how easy this costing is to apply I can only think of IQ being the culprit. I used this on 38 cars this year so far which is about 1/3 of my installs which is a decent sample size. It holds its own to another coating I use which costs about 4 times as much and is IR cured. Like with all coatings surface preparation is really important and I recommend atleast doing a one step polish prior to applying. For cars I paint I generally give them a full two weeks to completely cure prior to applying any coating."


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Our special formulas are developed and produced in Thornton, Colorado! We employ over 200 workers and have locations in Colorado, Arizona, California, and Florida!


Adam Pitale started Adam's Polishes in California in 2000. Since then, we've located to Colorado & have continued to sell premium car care products all over the world.

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