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Adam's Polishes Made In The USA Announcement


I came to appreciate American Made products in the late-70’s.  Believe it was 1978 when I got my first Schwinn, a 20" Stingray.   It was bright yellow with a white banana seat and the build quality was first rate.  The paint was bullet-proof, I polished and waxed it weekly.  The Schwinn slept in my bedroom, and my Mom asked that it was cleaned before it came inside, so I cleaned it nightly. The entire frame was welded, the chrome was high quality, and for nearly a decade, the bike didn’t rust, break, or fail in any way.

In the early 80’s, when I went to the Schwinn shop looking for a larger bike, something  had changed.  The colors were ugly, graphics terrible, and the frames were pinched, crimped instead of welded.   The wheels and tires were clearly of lower quality, and the seats were harder vinyl.  The cheap shifters and components were clearly substandard.  There was a difference, and the decal at the bottom of the head-tube said it all:  "MADE IN TAIWAN.”  I walked out of the shop, with my Dad, bummed.   How could Schwinn do this?  They sold out!  Indeed, they had sold, and the company was never the same.  We went and bought a Mongoose, with the chromoly frame, and black Skyway mags.  All made in the USA.  There were Made in the USA options, and I went with one of them.  

Today, there are American made options for most things we want or need.  I spend the majority of my days seeking those manufacturers! As the world has changed so have some of my expectations. There are things that all of us need to function in todays world that frankly just aren’t available 100% made in the USA. A smartphone, a computer, and the technology that connects us for example offers very few, if any, US options. As the world continues to shift towards a global economy an increasing number of parts in American cars are made outside the US - I was shocked recently when I found out the HEMI engine in our Jeep Cherokee was actually manufactured in Mexico. There comes a time when you have to reconcile your ‘wants’ and your ‘needs’ and since options won’t always present themselves that are made where I want, I buy the things I need from the next best option because I need them. 

You have been asking for some crucial detailing products for years.  Products that are not made in the USA, so we refused to offer them.  Products like entry-level polishers, foam guns, accessories to domestic products, etc.  It has been our stance to refuse to promote, sell, or offer support on such products.  However, some of these products are completely relevant in your detailing regimen, and are not 100% made in the USA.  Most of these products are not made in this country at all, and are however, of exceptional quality. Its time we stop limiting your choices based on these factors and hindering your detailing experience. 

As a supplier of premium car care products, offering a complete line is critical.  You have asked for solutions, and we want to get you those solutions, with instructional videos, 110% guarantee, etc.  How will be be different to the competition, who might offer as much as 75% or more products that come across the pond in container ships? In one word: TRANSPARENCY. On all of our product pages, you will see a small round country of origin flag to let you know what country or countries that product was manufactured in (*key at the bottom of this page).  If there are accessories made in one country, and the the rest is American, you will see multiple flags, if you choose to only support USA-made products, the choice will be easy and the information always available. 

To be clear, we will not be suddenly importing dozens of products from, China.  Rather, we will offer a few products that have been requested thousands of times, that are not available by any American manufacturers. You may also see products that include accessories from overseas that are assembled here in the USA. With any of these additions to our line we will be completely transparent and provide you with the key info about where these products were made.  As always, I’d like to hear from you, and if you care to email me directly, please do:

Thank you for your business, your loyalty, and we are excited to deliver what you have asked for and we’re excited to have the opportunity to say ‘YES’ to so many of your requests for specialty products and accessories. 


Adam Pitale | Founder/ Detailer | Adam’s Polishes, Inc.



* If you click on an individual product on our website you will now see information on where the product was made. 

 = United States

 = Germany

 = South Korea