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What is my tracking number or order status?
To track the status of your order, receive order information or to find an order number please visit the following link:
Do you have a good starter/beginner kit?
Our best beginners kit is our Essentials Kit, which can be found here: This kit is the best way to get a feel for a lot of products in one convenient kit!
How can I reset my password? I'm not receiving a password reset email.
If you have not received an email to reset your password, please give us a call at 866-965-0400 and our representatives will help you. Alternatively, email: and we can assist you that way too.

Where is my order?
To check an order status, you can do so by logging into your account on our website at the Profile link. Find your order under My Orders or Recent Orders, and then you can track it from there. If you need further assistance tracking your package, please send an email to referencing your order number, or feel free to give us a call at 866-965-0400 with your order number ready, and we can help out no problem!
What is your return policy?
Items returned to Adam's Polishes for warranty, guarantee, or satisfaction claims must be accompanied by completed Return Authorization form. To obtain the Return Authorization form, please contact our customer service team by emailing . Items returned without Return Authorization or proof of purchase may not be processed. Customer is entitled to their choice of exchange for like items, refund, or store credit pending review of the items and reason for return is evaluated by a member of the Adam's Polishes customer service team.
I just purchased a new vehicle! How should I detail a new vehicle?
First start with a Two Bucket Wash with Adam's Car Shampoo to remove all of the dirt and grime from the vehicle. You can see a video on the Two Bucket Wash process Once you wash the vehicle, rinse it thoroughly and dry it with our Great White Drying Towel or Ultra Plush Drying Towel. Next you will want to clay the vehicle with our Detail Spray and Visco Clay Bar - even new vehicles get contamination from transportation across the country or from sitting on a dealer lot. Once you clay the vehicle, you will want to do any paint correcting necessary before moving forward, either by hand polishing with Revive Hand Polish, or machine polishing with our Swirl Killer and the appropriate pads and polishes, which would provide much better results. Once you are happy with the finish, apply Adam's Paint Sealant for long-lasting protection from the elements. You can then layer a wax like Americana Paste Wax or Buttery Wax on top of the sealant to give even more shine and protection!
Do you offer free shipping?
We offer free shipping promotions year round. However, we do not offer free shipping on all orders.