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Adam's Premium Foam Gun & 16oz Ultra Foam Shampoo
$114.99 $104.99

Ready to add an Adam’s Premium Foam Gun to your wash routine? Get some with our Ultra Foam Shampoo!

  • Produces a thick, rich, foaming lather for car washing
  • Adam’s Ultra Foam Shampoo rinses clean without water spots
  • A great way to start using our Premium Foam Gun
  • Attaches to Standard Garden Hose
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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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  • 16oz Ultra Foam Shampoo
  • Premium Foam Gun

The Adam’s Premium Foam Gun and new Ultra Foam Shampoo formula are a perfect car washing pair to add into your existing wash routine. By blasting your car with copious amounts of slick, soapy foam, your car wash goes to another level, and one that's sure to attract a lot of attention from your neighbors. It's not all just for show. The introduction of pH neutral Adam’s Ultra Foam Shampoo in a heavy foam to your vehicle's exterior provides an easier wash process and starts to neutralize that hard water instantly, greatly reducing your chances of water spots, even in full sun.

Adam's Foam Gun has been a huge hit, and thousands of people have raved about it online. It makes car washing fun again. Plus, who doesn't like making their neighbors jealous? Grab one today and receive a 16oz Ultra Foam Shampoo at a nice discount!

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