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Adam's Complete 2 Bucket Car Wash Kit
$172.99 $149.99

Our famous 2-bucket washing system made easy. Here you go, all of the things you need to get started!

  • Safe, Swirl Free Car Washing
  • Includes Grit Guard Inserts
  • Complete 2-Bucket Car Wash Method
  • Everything You Need To Keep It Clean!



  • Car Shampoo Gallon
  • 2 Great White Drying Towel
  • 2 Car Wash Buckets 5 Gallon with Grit Guard and Gamma Seal
  • Detail Spray 16oz
  • 2 Car Wash Pads 10"

Adam's Complete 2-Bucket Car Wash Kit will give you the essential tools to complete the 2-bucket car wash safely. For all the polishing, all the waxing, all the buffing, dressing, scrubbing, and wiping... there's one key element to maintaining a good looking finish on your car... that's THE WASH.

What many people don't realize about washing their vehicle is that often times it's their process that's causing the most damage to their painted surfaces and the biggest reason for swirl marks. This kit gives you the correct tools to perform a proper 2-Bucket wash and ensure that you don't undo all those hours of hard work in getting your paint perfect.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews Write a review

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