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Do you have hard water spots on your vehicle? Adam’s Polishes in collaboration with On The Go, an American Business, has developed a small compact deionizer unit to provide a large supply of laboratory grade deionized water for a spot free water. These powerful units can be attached to your household water supply to effectively filter hard minerals out of your water supply to give you a spot free rinse. Adam's Portable Spotless Water Deionizer comes standard with a built in bypass valve allowing you the option to wash with standard unfiltered water and then quickly switch to deionized water for your final rinse. This feature will ensure that you get the optimum life span from each bottle. 

  • Standard Dimensions: 22" Height x 9.5" Diameter
  • Standard filters up to 1,120 gallons (@100ppm of TDS) of hard minerals out of water supply
  • Pro Dimensions: 49" Height x 8.75" Diameter
  • Pro filters up to 2,240 gallons (@100ppm of TDS) of hard minerals out of water supply
Both Deionizers Include:
  • Preloaded virgin, high-grade, non-regenerated resin
  • TDS Meter 
  • 4 Ft. 5/8" Water Supply Hose
  • Unit will produce water @ a TDS of Zero
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    Michael G.

    Review update

    After writing a previous review an operations manager at On The Go personally reached out to me and helped me resolve my issue, which turned out to be an error on my part. Great customer service and I can now say I am satisfied with this product and 100% recommend it.

    Zachary F.

    My favorite purchase from Adam's

    I run a Detailing Garage that moves through a dozen cars or so a week. We have terrible water in the building and a DI System was a must for us. We went with Adam's because of the Pro-Size option and the free shipping on resin down the road. It arrived well packaged for transit, was simple to install and took us from 200ppm-0ppm instantly. We now rinse with the unit on and move the car into the adjacent bay to dry - No risky or time consuming towel drying necessary. This is one of my all time favorite Detailing purchases. Do it.

    Anthony C.


    Well what can I say.....Adam you let me down. After spending near $500 after tax and shipping Im still getting water spots. When it arrived I was so excited and after setting it up I checked my water level being brought down to 4ppm from 300! I was stoked! Did my first wash and only used it as a final rinse only and noticed water spots after. (Yes I was and am using ALL adams products as well so I thought I was covered). Thought maybe it was some water from my first wash of not using it. So I gave it another run today and used it the WHOLE wash and after checked the ppms coming from my pressure washing and it read back at 4ppms so I thought great! Dried my car and drove off and got to the store noticed streaks of water marks from the cracks that came out and splattered everywhere. For the $ I paid I expected alot better, I was getting the same results with a $20 RV filter. Really disappointed because all of Adam's other products have been so good and the reviews for this seemed great!

    Adam's Polishes

    Hello Anthony, We are sorry to hear you are not getting the results you are looking for. We are going to reach out to you directly to see how we can assist you and trouble shoot your issues.

    Dubs M.

    Best tool in my kit

    This is hands down the best tool in my wash setup. Our water generally runs around 100-110 TDS. Previously I would have to dry our cars immediately after washing and could not wash the cars in the sun. Not anymore! TDS is 0 with the deionizer measured with two different testers. I use a blower to get rid of excess water and then just let my car air dry in the garage. Not a single water spot to be found. I usually come back a little later to dry up any remaining water drips, do the windows, and hit it with some detail spray. The deionizer is a little pricier than I think it needs to be, but it works like a charm.

    Nathan H.

    Great for all of your washing needs

    I own a 43 foot 5th wheel that was an animal to wash and dry. It was always an event that took all day. With this deionizer, it now takes me less than an hour to wash from top to bottom. I have washed in direct sunlight in over 100 degree weather without leaving any water spots. I also use it to wash my other vehicles, and my homes solar panels and windows. If you’re on the fence just pull the trigger. You won’t regret it!

    *20lb Resin Refill Is Recommended For Standard Unit

    *40lb Resin Refill Is Recommended For Pro Unit


    First Time Hook Up Instructions

    Step 1: Lube up all four O-rings on the red bypass valve assembly and 90° gray elbows.

    Step 2: Screw both sides of the red valve assembly tightly on to the black head.

    Step 3: Connect both of the 90° gray elbows tightly to the red bypass valve assembly.

    Inlet(female garden hose thread): Downflow Inlet stamped on black head/left side unit facing you

    Outlet (male garden hose thread): Upflow Inlet stamped on black head/right side unit facing you

    Step 4: Connect source water to inlet and flush the system out for 2-3 minutes.

    Step 5: Your unit is ready for use.

    Refill Kit Instructions: 

    Step 1: Turn off the water supply and remove the red bypass valve assembly from the black head.

    Step 2: Remove the black head and empty the used resin into a waste container.

    • Resin is environmentally safe and can be disposed in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations.
    • Distributor tube and basket will be removed during this procedure.
    • The basket on the bottom of the black head can be unclipped to lube the O-ring that is inside the head.

    Step 3: Rinse out any of the remaining resin from the tank with water.

    Step 4: Return distributor tube into the tank, slip/place rubber cap into top of tube and then place funnel into top of the tank. 

    Step 5: Slowly pour or scoop resin into the tank. Shake or tap tank to get all of the resin bedded.

    Step 6: Remove funnel and rubber cap. 

    Step 7: Make sure all O-rings are properly seated and lubed (lube provided).

    Step 8: Make sure the top basket is clipped into the black head. The top basket will slide over the distribution tube and slip into the black head when you push it down and screw it on.

    Step 9: Screw both sides of the red valve assembly tightly on to the black head.

    Step 10: Turn on the water supply and flush the system out for 1-2 minutes. During this process you are flushing out the resin dust from the virgin resin.

    Step 11: Your unit is ready for use.



    -How many gallons will the standard unit produce?

    The capacity of a deionization systems is primarily determined by the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in the water source. The TDS can be measured by using the meter provided. The TDS can range from 0 to 1,000 PPM plus but typically will fall between 100-400 ppm across the US.

    Example: @ 100 ppm of TDS = 1,120 gallons

    - What value of PPM will leave my vehicle with a spot free rinse?

    We have provided these ranges over the years:

    Excellent level: less than 15 ppm

    *Satisfactory range: Greater than 15 ppm but less than 50 ppm

    Unsatisfactory level: Greater than 50 ppm

    *Depends on coloration of vehicle, degree of stainless and one’s individual acceptance level

     - Does this reduce my water pressure?

    There is a small pressure drop and should not be noticeable.

    - When should I replace the resin in the tank?

    An acceptable TDS ceiling will vary from customer to customer and is greatly dependent upon the coloration of the vehicle. Most customers will operate between 20-40 ppm of TDS, mid-thirties seems to be a fairly wide acceptance level.  We would recommend the use of the rather accurate digital TDS meter and measure the TDS during your first cycle thus quantitatively obtaining your preferred level.

    - Is it safe to drink?

    We do not recommend drinking the water.

    1. DI water has all the nutritional value removed
    2. DI has an operating cost generally higher than drinking water
    3. DI tends to have a unique taste and odor

    - Can I water my plants with Di water?

    You really don’t need purified water for your plants thus we would not recommend.

    - Can I run heated water through the Di tank?

    The DI has a max temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

    - Can I hook my pressure washer up to the outlet of this Di unit?

    Yes, ensure the flow rate of the HPW is within the optimum operating range [0.5-2.5 gpm] of the DI unit and never greater than maximum of 3 gpm for best performance.

    - Should I use Di water for my entire car wash?

     You can, but many will use only for the final rinse.  

    - How does a Deionizer work?

    “Deionized Water”-Simply said, water flows over porous beads that are positively and negatively charged and the minerals or total dissolved solids are removed. These ion exchange columns are porous beads called exchange resins producing laboratory grade water.

    - Will this harm my paint on my vehicle?

    No, DI water used to obtain a spot-free rinse has been used for applications including Auto’s/Class A RV’s/Small airplanes/Motorcycle’s/both residential & business windows plus many car washing businesses use this for their final rinse.  

    - How long is the Tank good for if not used?

    The resin has a shelf life of 18 to 24 months.

    - What do I do with the used resin once I refill the tank?

    The resin is non-hazardous and can be disposed through normal waste disposal processes. Always dispose in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.

    - Can I use this with Adam's Soaps?


    - Is DI water safe to go down a drain?


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