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Adam's NEW Bright Red 3" Sticker

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Let's face it, our customers love stickers. We usually include one free with orders placed but occasionally we have a customer ask to buy more. Here is your opportunity to buy as many as you want. Keep checking out this page. We change sticker designs often!

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We create short run stickers on occasion to include with shipments leaving our facility. Sometimes customers would like more than just one! Here is your chance to pick up as many as you want.

  • Includes 1 Limited Edition Adam's Sticker
  • Buy As Many As You Want
  • Check Back, New Designs Are Always Coming!
  • Made in 

We create short run stickers on occasion to include with shipments leaving our facility. Sometimes customers would like more than just one! Here is your chance to pick up as many as you want.

  • Includes 1 Limited Edition Adam's Sticker
  • Buy As Many As You Want
  • Check Back, New Designs Are Always Coming!
  • Made in 
Product Rating:
40 Review(s)
4.65 out of 5 stars
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These stickers are so bad ass that I put one on my cat and it likes baths in Adam's car shampoo.
One star per dollar.
O my god this is the best sticker I ever had the lettering and the logo just stands out with all of Adams products I am stuck on these stickers and these sticke... more
Dan on 7/9/2016
I started using these stickers to block the nozzle of my Adam's foam cannon so I remember to clean the wheels and use VRT first!!!
Todd on 6/24/2016
I can't beet the sausage review but do love and enjoy showing pride with stickers and if I had 10 I could share some.
Todd on 6/23/2016
I love these stickers but they cost me so much I just paid $365.76 for this sticker but it came with tons of absolutely awesome free products... Or is it the other way around? in any case I'm completely satisfied and it gets All 5 Stars if i could give it 10 I would. I sure would love 10 free then I could share :)
Terry on 5/27/2016
So I had a guy stop me, point at the sticker and ask "How long have you been eating sausage?".......uh...what? He said " Adams know polish sausage"....

I said " Oh, for several years....and the "a" in the middle stands for assh&^e just in case you were curious....."

I sh%t you not...true story....

I loved that sticker up until that moment..:)

Nathan on 5/25/2016
Keep calm and give me ten stickers!
not chops1sc on 5/12/2016
I was expecting to get 1 sticker, or "decal" as I like to call it. I actually received 2. Did y'all slip one in by accident? Is this some sort of bribe? I'll have you know bribing a member of the AHBA is a serious offense. I could have this here place shut down tomorrow! But I'm a nice guy and I'm going to overlook this "slight of hand". Now y'all tighten up!
Milt on 5/11/2016
Spent a cool G on product last month just so I could get a few stickers. They're that good.
Joe on 5/11/2016
I thought it was a coaster, now I have four I can't get off my coffee table... and my beer is too far away to reach from the couch! Send help... very... thirsty!
Robert on 4/6/2016
O my god this is the best sticker I ever had the lettering and the logo just stands out with all of Adams products I am stuck on these stickers and these stickers are stuck on me I mean really they are all over I was bummed out the last two orders I made I didn't receive the stickers with my order it was like I was on withdrawal love these things and of course all of your products . I was so bummed out I left a message with the Adams team and yes they got back to me the next day to tell me why they were so popular they ran out but hope t get a new supply with this
John on 11/30/2015
I put these on my 4 door canoe so that even when floating down the ditch, people know... I take care of my stuff with max shine!
Dragos on 11/18/2015
This sticker is so durable and it works miracles. Put it on my girlfriend's mouth and she actually couldn't talk for a hour! Its amazing, probably going to buy a lifetime supply.
cheryl on 11/18/2015
You can't judge a car by its driver but can by its stickers
Billy on 8/19/2015
This must be a scratch and sniff sticker, what good is a detail spray sticker without the great smell of detail spray?!?
Dan Tyger on 6/3/2015
So let's see, the saying goes that "each sticker adds 10 horsepower"... So let's just say I got 10 of these red, white, and blue bad boys sent to me for my patriotic themed road rally ls1 sonoma of doom for the Smoky Mountain Rally benefiting Hope For The Warriors later this summer. Instant 100 horsepower for me to pass all of those pesky Corvettes out on the few tracks we will be visiting ;)
Sean on 5/29/2015
I don't always use car care products... but when I do.. I make sure its Adam's .. Stay polishing my friends..
Byron on 2/18/2015
No matter how much Adam's products I use, my car never comes out looking like the sticker. Just have to keep trying.
Omg_Tesla on 2/2/2015
The next design should be etch so I could put ion my windows and still see through it
Salena on 1/31/2015
Keep your car protected with Adam's stickers! Let the ladies know your clean, cautious, and ready to go!
*Adam's Stickers 99.9% effective when used correctly*
Ron Shadwell on 1/30/2015
Perfect, But one problem. I put this sticker on the back of my tablet and now every time I pick up my tablet I look at the sticker and think I am already logged on to and I try to order more products.
Calvin on 1/22/2015
I just placed an order on 1-16-15 and because I am so impatient i check back every day to check the status even though an email is sent out when your order ships. Guess what I saw, a new banner on the front page of the site saying new stickers shipping with every order and i got super pumped. I had no idea what i was gonna stick it on who knows maybe i would even frame it lol. well my order came in today 1-22-15 and after tearing apart the box pounding down the mints and just generally double checking that i got everything i realized i didn't have a sticker :(. So now what do i do???? I am half tempted to just hit reorder have double of everything to get one sticker. So three stars because the sticker is probably amazing but i won't ever know
Eric Roman on 1/21/2015
Why buy a Come & Take It sticker when you can buy Come & Detail It sticker!
Jim Cawthon on 1/20/2015
Adams stickers -- for those times when you are too tired to polish. Can't fix your detailing mistakes -- cover them up with Adams stickers.
Kyle on 1/20/2015
*By accepting this sticker you (the owner) are bound by law, regulation and obligation to uphold the most respect owed to the machines built and advanced by our ancestors. The application of this decal is permanent. The adhesives used are impenetrable by water, acetone, gasoline, and yes....even all-purpose cleaner. By applying this sticker any area of the vehicle which is not glass voids all warranties, removes any implication that you (the owner) appreciate your ride, and assumes that you (the owner) have a tramp stamp. Please contact sales team directly for sizing. Our stickers are custom made to cover up of all sizes of stick families, honor-roll mentions and current political affiliations. If you would like a magnetic version, please exit your vehicle at highway speeds before applying.
Tony on 1/20/2015
One star per dollar.
Jason on 1/20/2015
For the last time, Obama can't lower the price on stickers.
Dan on 1/19/2015
This is the worst sticker I've never had! I could not get it to stick to anything because there was something weird on the back of it. After an hour of messing with it, I finally was able to get the thing off the back and it was a little piece of paper. Seriously? Then I was so frustrated that I stuck it on my window upside down. And then when I tried to turn my head to actually read it, I fell over and bruised my ear. For what they charge for this sticker, it really should have come with instructions! Will NOT buy again (but I would take 10 for free).
Jamey on 1/19/2015
Oh and I just realized somehow the sticker must have put Five stars in the rating! No way! I didnt do that please believe me. You get the lowest rating from me you terrible voodoo sticker! Negative five is what you should get if it was possible. You don't even clean when used with the Detail Spray, in fact I think you introduced scratches into my paint. Never buy this!!!
Jamey on 1/19/2015
Dear Adams team,

While I have experienced very good results with most of the previous products I have purchased at Adams, I have not gotten the same from the Adams Sticker. In fact, I would advise people not to buy this. I think something is wrong with my sticker and I want $1.10 back from Dylan or Adam or whoever gives us their money back. When I recieved the sticker, I was excited to put it on my car. So I did. The next morning when I woke up, the sticker was in my room. How did it get there?!? I decided something was weird about the Adams Sticker, but I wanted to put the sticker back on my car. So I did. Out of spite it seems, the sticker ended up next to my bed on the nightstand the very next morning! Like the previous review stated, these stickers have power of the dark arts it seems. I am afraid for my life. If I could rate it negative 5 I would:) Please gives me my monies back and come get this evil sticker out of my house. Adams is trying to destroy our minds, but I have brain control and I will not lose a stare down with this terrible product offering.
Jason on 1/19/2015
Nothing says stuck on Adam's like a sticky sticker to stick on whatever it'll stick to.... STICKER! AHHH!
mike on 1/19/2015
Mikey likes it!
Taylor on 1/19/2015
Forget about the 3 wolf 1 moon shirt. This sticker gave me a magical power. I have unlocked the full power of my mind and have become all powerful
Jessie on 1/19/2015
They said how come you dont have any adams polishes stickers? I said im still waiting on them to be shipped!
Andrew Baez on 1/19/2015
Let's be serious. Some things in life are just meant to be clean. Your underwear, your girlfriends armpits, behindbehind your ears and most importantly, your car. Life is a never-ending battle between you and dirt. You can clean until your blue in the face but 5 minutes later, the dirt, dust, and poop is back - sometimes literally.

So what are you to do? Surely you can't spend ALL your time cleaning - hell there's football to be watched and beer to be drank!! - and you can't live in a bubble your whole life (Sorry Bubble-Boy) but you still have to fulfill your detailing-junkie fix.

The answer to all your problems?

Adam's sticker.

But Andrew, how can a sticker solve all my problems? I don't even have a girlfriend and I have irritable bowel syndrome!

Easy. Adam's utilizes their detailing know how, properity detailing solution blends, and Gypsy magic to create a product so effective, so amazing, and so perfect that it renders all other cleaners, protectants, and underwear obsolete!

This thing repels dirt. Like literally. It just repels it. Don't ask me how it does it, or why it works, or even if its physically, scientifically, or magically possible. Imagine the uses, imagine the potential, imagine being invicible and "immortal"*!!

It's a modern day miracle and I'm convinced that this is the Second coming......but a sticker.

After I bought this sticker my life changed for the best. Car? Showroom shiny. Underwear? Clean. Math homework? Done. Girlfriend? GirlfriendS, bro.

Buy this. Hell, buy a hundred. Give them to your friends, family, that creepy guy at the gas station that always stares as you pump your gas. This sticker works.

This is the dollar menu item to end all dollar menu items.
Trust me.

Thank me later.

What are you waiting for? Add this to your cart and buy it before it's too late!

Go Ducks! (I see you Matt)

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Christopher on 1/19/2015
These stickers are so bad ass that I put one on my cat and it likes baths in Adam's car shampoo.
Cameron on 1/19/2015
Unbelievable! This sticker is only $1.00! Boy for a dollar you can buy a large sweet tea at McDonald's, you can buy a goodie for a dollar at the dollar store, and you can add bacon on to your McDonald's burger for $1.00 more. But I tell you I would definitely spend my crispy dollar bill on more of these. I put two of these on both of my detail carts. 2 carts, 1 for each and in my opinion they look super well on the carts. I do have a little joke to this one. So the boy says to his father, "Dad can I go to a 50 cent concert?" The dad replies to the boy, "Here's a $1, take your sister to." anyways these are very good stickers but than again, why spend a dollar on something in the dollar section of target when you could spend a dollar on one of these bad boys! So what are you waiting for... BUY one of these guys and leave a review like myself to show the Adams team that as there customers, we are very very blessed, happy and thankful for this addition!! Cheers!!! to the Adam's Polishes team!!
Trevor on 1/19/2015
If you don't like adams polishes then f**k you.
Krystle on 1/19/2015
Apply to dry surfaces...and this sticker is guaranteed to keep you fresh on the daily! Stay protected with Adams.
Nathan on 1/19/2015
10/10 would buy again. Put sticker on my car, instantly gained 30hp and beat a Ferrari.
John Burtlin on 1/19/2015
I can't believe this sticker is only $1.00. With the amount of attention my tool chest gets now it's easily worth $5.00.
Steven on 1/19/2015
Best sticker ever. I put one on my desk at work, my utensil drawer and my dogs collar. Looks good on nearly anything.

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